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Yes I know my Second Life is untidy but there is no tendency to improve.

There is really a difference between my first and second Life. Yes I clean up my rooms every day in my first Life but does that mean its fun to do the same in Second Life?

No really.. I do not see much reasons why I should clean my Second Life land, skybox or sandbox. Its sometimes so that I let differend objects on my land because I still want to finish the piece so that it is a  finished product some day. Yea… someday! Thats the problem.. I work on differend objects but I do not make my own timeframe when it has to be finished. I see no reason for that as Second Life should be fun and not work. And I work only if it doesnt feel like work. That means if I am inspired. Then I do love all the work but as I said it doesnt feel like work then.

So you can see the result above in the Screenshot. Its really a mess in my little “sandbox” and some time ago I had some neighbors at the same altitude in the sky. I believe they left me because I am untidy. Lol! 🙂

However… there is no tendency to improve.

I think its somewhat cool to be that differend in Second Life compared to the real Life. Im not sure.

One good thing is that you often find very old scripts in any of these cubes I rezzed month ago. That is sometimes like christmas with the only difference that I can have christmas often in Second Life 😉

Its funny to find ideas from the past, yes.

But its really not so that my virtual area is the only untidy place. There is still my inventory which beats that! I think I would be lost without a search function. My inventory is a real mess and cluttered with tons of own pojects or bought stuff like clothes and whatever.

Even if I said there is no tendecy to improve, it now came to my mind that I defenetly should clean up some day before its to late! But lets see if this ever happens. 🙂

Is your Second Life so untidy like mine? For sure I am happy about each comment.

2 responses

  1. I have a tiny sandbox in my little land and I always clean everything before go, but it’s because the prims limit, my store is in the land so I need every prim available.

    The inventory is another story LOL, usually it’s a mess, but time to time I tidy it up. Lately my tip is to make a folder called “Temporal building” and I put there everything in progress, when it’s finished I move to another folder… the problem is that the “temporal building” folder is getting bigger and bigger LOL. I think someday I will clean that folder :P.

    By the way, nice blog :), I found it today.

    December 1, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    • Hey Eira welcome to the Blog 😉

      Yes if you have a store that makes sense and I did so too when I had a inworld store.. but atm I do only business with SL Marketplace so that there is no bigger reason to clean up the land lol. 😀

      About the inventory.. I have those folders for unfinished stuff too and there a lot of sub folders which makes it to a mess as well. Simply because as you said.. “there are new and new projects so that this folder gets bigger and bigger” 😀

      I agree.. really we should start to clean the inventory some day.

      Thanks for your nice comment and for the friendly compliment about the blog 🙂 That makes me happy.

      Greetings 🙂

      December 2, 2011 at 1:07 am

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