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Important note for Content Creators and SL Marketplace Merchants about Maturity Level and the Word “PE” in your Description!

If you use the Word “PE” in the field of description or in the field of keywords on your Listing then it might happen that your Item will be flagged as “adult” Maturity Level. It happened to my latest Product Stage Lightning Truss Creator Kit on the Marketplace and I really was confufed as this Item is defenetly not an adult Product. So I had a hard time to find out whats wrong which took an half our. Later I just changed the Words “PE” to “Prims” and the Item is now flagged “General” as intended.

As PE is the Shortcut for the Objects Server Weight, Streaming weight and Physics weight I really dont understand why the Item will be flagged as “adult” if the description and keywords section contains the Word “PE”.

However for those who used the Word in the Description I though I better send out this Info so that you can proof if all your Items are flagged well. I mean imagine that… if the Product contains differend Parts which all have a differend PE, then some of us may want to write the differend values down in the Description. But looks like this is not possible, so that you know.

EDIT: I just found out that PE (Prim Equivalent) is today called LI (Land Impact) anyway. So I should try the Word LI instead of PE. 😀 Right.. tested it now. “LI” is ok as a Word.

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  3. Adria

    I’ve recently had the same problem, trying to sell ‘eyes’ but cannot cause they were flagged as being ‘adult’ content.
    I just couldn’t understand why!!! their name is ‘hypnoteyes’ I don’t see where the banned word or syllable is either?
    could someone help me please?
    This is the only post similar to the issue I’m going through I could hardly find..
    Help please 😦

    June 2, 2012 at 12:23 am

    • It could be one of your keywords you used when you did setup the item. What kind of keywords did you use for that item on SL Marketplace?

      June 2, 2012 at 9:45 pm

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