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I am still alive… :)

I did not login often to Second Life last months. It was a busy time in real life and I anyway didn´t feel much inspiration. I use Second Life most of the time to create things. But if there is no inspiration, then I see in fact no reason to login to Second Life. For me it is really just all about creating content. Only listening music in Second Life is still one of my interests apart from content creation. But music is not something which could make me login everyday or regularly.

But last days I logged in several times due to customer support. After the customer support I stayed logged in for some time and thought it is still fun. Well, who said anything else? Second Life is always fun if you find time in real life.

I think I could imagine to login more often again. I thought about renting land again. With land I always had ideas to create things,… it is already fun to create the own home, store or what ever. This would mean less boredom. So actually I am looking for land. I bet I will again rent on Lionheart SL since I get a lot of bonus there due to my long time membership. But if I get a better offer, then I will check it out.

I already plan to create some new cool things. Also I thought I should give an in world store a new try. But this is something I am not sure about yet. But if you ask me, I miss the time when I logged it most of the day to manage my stuff in Second Life. While it is more handy today to create and manage things in Second Life, I really miss the time when everything had to be managed in world.

But let´s see. It might be that you hear more of me again in the future if I find some tasks for me, to have a reason to login more often. I think I will start soon to find some land for me. Well, if real life gives me the time. But this week is already pretty stress-free.


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  1. this is a healthy attitude!! I have very mixed feelings about Second Life which as many say is not a game ( a second life!). I have written about my own experiences as well. I recently have popped back into SL after a long hiatus. I do appreciate the art and creativity but real life is so much more satisfying and eventful these days thank goodness:). I don’t think I would find time to create stuff there as before but I still can be impressed with much that is there and the technology which is always developing. Lately I’ve taken the magic out of technology and put it back into nature! It’s all good!

    October 12, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    • Agree. We never should forget that there is still real life. I anyway cant focus on just one thing. But a mix of it is just ok. I usually use the rainy, snowy and cold autumn or winter days to check out all my virtual interests like graphic design. But after a time it will again start to bore me. I simply can´t enjoy Second Life 100% of the time and I am lucky about it as well. First Life offers much more interesting things.

      October 16, 2013 at 11:02 pm

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