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Facebook now offers a profile will for when you die

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

Facebook has a new feature for memorializing the news feeds of people who die: A digital will. The company will let you choose who, if anyone, has access to parts of your account after you die. Conversely, you can also tell Facebook to delete your account in the event of your death.

Screenshots of Facebook's new will. Screenshots of Facebook’s new will

You can choose whether that person is allowed to download a file of all your pictures and posts for safekeeping. To trigger the will, your friends or family will need to put in a memorial request to [company]Facebook[/company].

The person you grant access to will be able to add new friends to your profile, update your profile and cover photo, and write a memorial message that appears pinned to the top of your page. But they won’t be able to log in as you or view your personal messages.

Before now, Facebook…

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Maybe You Need To Wait A Little Longer For The Nikon D7200 Announcement

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

D7200 to be released soon?

Some leaks indicate that Nikon will release the D7200, the successor for the D7100 DSLR camera. However, a lot of people assumed that the Nikon D7200 could be announced during the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan. The exhibition is already running and will end on February 15, that means the D7200 could be still announced during the show, but apart from the leaked D7200 certificate, there were not much other leaks, so that it is still questionable if Nikon will really announce the D7200 during the exhibition in Japan. Apart from the announcement rumors, there was also speculation about the D7200 specs. We can just speculate about both and wait.

You can find several forums and other sources where people discuss and speculate about the Nikon D7200 announcement and release date, and many do now think that the D7200 could be announced some weeks…

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Guardian digital editor is right — ending comments is a mistake

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

No one seems to like web comments any more, at least not in the traditional media anyway. Websites like Reuters and Re/code and Popular Science and Bloomberg have gotten rid of them, and plenty of media insiders have been cheering this movement on, since they see comment sections as cesspools. So it’s nice to hear someone like Guardian digital editor Aron Pilhofer say killing off comments is a “monumental mistake.”

In a talk at the News:Rewired conference in London, Pilhofer — who used to run the digital team at the New York Times, before joining the Guardian last year — said that many traditional newsrooms are failing to take full advantage of the web’s ability to create a two-way relationship with readers, and that this is a crucial element of what journalism has become in a digital age. As he put it:

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]”I feel very strongly…

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Is Steam Down? How To Check The Steam Server Status!

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

Steam screenshot

As a gamer you know this question, is Steam down? That question comes up as soon as you can’t login to Steam anymore or if parts of Steam like the community or store section don’t load properly anymore. Maybe you also can’t go on with you game as you lost connection but it requires to be logged in to Steam, or the game downloads don’t work right and so on. Is Steam down? That is a question that all Steam gamers know. So, how can we find out more about the Steam server status?

There are ways to find out more about the Steam status. As I often frequent in the Steam community of Reddit, I would find it either out because a lot of people would open threads there with the question about the Steam server status, or I would find it out as they have a really…

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Google’s U.S. Search Ex-Mobiles Drops Below 75% As Yahoo Makes More Firefox Gains

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Days after Google reported a miss in its quarterly earnings on the back of declines in ad revenues, another development points to challenges being made on the search giant. Yahoo continues to inch up in search market share, at the expense of Google declining, with Google’s share of U.S. searches, excluding mobile, dipping below 75% for the first time since July 2008, and Yahoo overtaking bing as the second-largest search engine in the U.S. when counting desktop, console, tablet and smartphone queries.

It may look like a drop in the ocean to some — especially given the caveats we detail below — but the numbers, published by StatCounter, show that Yahoo’s deal to take over as the default search option on Firefox is very slowly bearing fruit, with the company nearly tripling its market share on that browser in the U.S. in the last three months.

Yahoo is now up to over 28% of all searches…

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After key engineer leaves, what will happen to Reddit Notes?

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

A company changing its project outline for a year isn’t surprising, nor is laying off staff — except when that the project was the one to give $5 million in equity back to the Reddit’s fervent user base.

After promising to give its users a bit of the company (and tapping cryptocurrency as the vehicle to do the job), Reddit has appeared to change its mind about having the project on its agenda in 2015. The social site’s lead cryptoengineer, Ryan Charles, was let go last Thursday and all job openings for other cryptocurrency engineers have been removed from the job board as of Monday.

When Reddit raised a $50 million Series B round in September, it pledged to give 10 percent of it, or $5 million, back to its user base. The company had already hired Charles to be their lead engineer on the project, and its lead investor…

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How To Create A Battlefield Hardline Config File To Use Console Commands Permanently

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

There are two ways to use console commands in Battlefield Hardline. The first way is to open the console in the game to type in the commands, but the problem is that the commands will only be enabled once and for the time your game session is active but the commands won´t be active anymore in your next game session after you restarted Battlefield Hardline. So, what is if you want to have certain commands active permanently? It´s possible too and what we need to do is creating a config file!

How do we create this config file? It´s easy and if you know how to create a config file in Battlefield 4, it won´t be much different for Battlefield Hardline. But if you are not sure how it was done in Battlefield 4, I will explain it now and the steps are very easy…

1. First of all…

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How to show the FPS in Battlefield Hardline

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

It´s some time ago when I wrote on my blog in another article how you can enable the FPS display in Battlefield 4 and I noticed that the same commands work in Battlefield Hardline too, so that I want to write a tutorial about the Battlefield Hardline FPS display as well, but this time on my new technology and game related blog. So, lets talk about how you can display the FPS in Battlefield Hardline…

There are two ways how you can do this. The first method will activate the FPS display only in your active game session but the FPS display will disappear in your next game session, I mean in case you restart the game for example. If you want to show the FPS only once until you end the game, you just have to use the tilde key (~) to open your game console and then you…

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3D printing: Who’s investing now and what’s coming next

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

Printing has come a long way since Gutenberg and the first printing press in 1439. The printing industry has evolved from the golden age of printing blocks to modern 2D printers capable of mass-producing documents in minutes. We have seen these devices become an integral part of our lives, but today’s technology is taking them even further for the everyday consumer. What once seemed like science fiction is now a reality, with 3D printers creating anything from mechanical parts to prosthetics.

The trends: The rise of 3D printing

The 3D industry itself is not new. A few companies, such as 3D Systems and Stratasys, have been around for decades, and hundreds more have emerged since then.

However, it has taken over 20 years for the industry to gain traction and attract real interest from investors. Historically, this could be attributed to the fact that, in the beginning, there were only a handful of companies worth mentioning. From 2011 to…

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The Nikon D7200 Could Be Announced This February 2015

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

Leaked certificates about new Nikon cameras appeared on a Russian site called Novocert, a site that is gathering documents and information’s from public sources and registered companies, workers or entrepreneurs. According to the leaked documents from this website there are several new Nikon cameras rumored to be announced at the CP+ 2015 Camera And Photo Imaging Show in Japan. The exhibition will open February 12 and end on February 15.

The rumored new Nikon cameras are the Nikon D7200 DSLR, mirrorless Nikon 1 J5 camera and it is possible that they will announce a high-end compact camera called Nikon Coolpix P900. Other compact cameras as the Nikon Coolpix S9900, Nikon Coolpix S7000, Coolpix S3700, Coolpix L840, Coolpix P610 and the Coolpix AW130 could be announced then too according to the leaked certificates:

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