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Plant tubs, plant tubs everywhere… :)

Created a little but open Corner Store (20×20 meters) in Second Life, I decided that this architecture needs some green to give it some style. I started to create a plant tub I wanted in each corner of the store. While making these I though that is fun and started to create several and differend plant tubs in my little sandbox in the sky.

Thought the following screenshot is funny. The story above did end there that I became surrounded by green in my sandbox but well.. I wont stop creating more of them.. 🙂

Give me some Second Life Cheats! I wanna go shopping!

As I did mess around with a Keyword Research Tool called Market Samurai when I was bored, I had to laugh when I created a Second Life Keyword Analysis and found out that there are 145 daily Search Engine requests on the Keyword “second life cheats” in the Internet.

Lets assume 145 Second Life Users per Day want to cheat in Second Life. I mean this is funny. So funny that I though I now need to blog about the greatest Cheat you can get in Second Life.

I call this Cheat “The real money to Linden Dollar Exchange Cheat”. How does this Cheat work? Let me explain you…

1. Log in to Second Life.

2. Find the Text “Linden Exchange” in the Menu on the left Side of the Second Life Website.

3. Click “Buy L$”.

4. The next Side is self-explanatory. Just type in how much L$ you need and place your Order.

Attention: This Cheat will debit your real Wallet.. your real Bank or Paypal Account! So be sure if you really want to cheat! 🙂

Sorry I couldn´t refrain from laughing. I though the Fact, that there are 145 People a Day who ask Google for Second Life Cheats, is pretty much funny and a Blogpost with a little spoof worth.

In case you did search for Second Life Cheats and did land on my Blog.. I am really really sorry but anyway I hope my little Guide did help you to understand that no one needs any Second Life Cheats as it is pretty much simple to buy L$ and also that doesn´t cost to much! Hey,.. I mean you get already 1000 L$ for round about 4 US Dollars. Maybe a worth consideration. 🙂

Important note for Content Creators and SL Marketplace Merchants about Maturity Level and the Word “PE” in your Description!

If you use the Word “PE” in the field of description or in the field of keywords on your Listing then it might happen that your Item will be flagged as “adult” Maturity Level. It happened to my latest Product Stage Lightning Truss Creator Kit on the Marketplace and I really was confufed as this Item is defenetly not an adult Product. So I had a hard time to find out whats wrong which took an half our. Later I just changed the Words “PE” to “Prims” and the Item is now flagged “General” as intended.

As PE is the Shortcut for the Objects Server Weight, Streaming weight and Physics weight I really dont understand why the Item will be flagged as “adult” if the description and keywords section contains the Word “PE”.

However for those who used the Word in the Description I though I better send out this Info so that you can proof if all your Items are flagged well. I mean imagine that… if the Product contains differend Parts which all have a differend PE, then some of us may want to write the differend values down in the Description. But looks like this is not possible, so that you know.

EDIT: I just found out that PE (Prim Equivalent) is today called LI (Land Impact) anyway. So I should try the Word LI instead of PE. 😀 Right.. tested it now. “LI” is ok as a Word.

Who said Snowmen never dance? Guess who I met on a Party!


Met them at Beachwood Club in Second Life. The Place there is terrific designed, for that reason alone you should take a look… and there is great Music for those who like House Music.

Mesh IP Tutorial Score in english

To get rights to upload Meshobject´s soon, we all have to master this tiny Mesh IP Turorial to understand intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and so.

I just thought this tiny Tutorial was funny. I did master it with 9 correct out of 10 questions which means I have a score of 90%. Well that does at least mean I am not a complete noob about intellectual propertys. However I was a bit afraid because some of you know I am german.. And I didnt know if I would understand this subject in english. But well.. I was able to understand everything which makes me glad. After all the years I feel very good in english, at least in reading and so. 🙂 But it might be that I still have to improve my writing. Must be funny to read my english 😀

I wish a cool weekend.

I am far better builder then you… WTF?

Sitting here in my Second Life Home, while I am reading on a german news website.. then I go back inworld and got a message from someone:

[10:55]  ĆǻƤţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžƔ: i’m a FAR better builder than you ^.^   If you have a problem with that then please feel free to find me on the mini-map, i’m British, so i doubt you will come hehehe.  Muted.
[10:59]  Miyo Darcy: what is your problem?
[10:59]  Miyo Darcy: lol
[10:59]  Miyo Darcy: do i know you?

How cool. Who cares if he is a better builder or not? I really dont care who is better in building.. Strange peoples in Second Life sometimes. And really I just wonder why he did write me. I was afk and I dont know him. I was reading in the internet. After browsing his profile I did notice he works with 3d Max. Wow cool! Well I use it as well and also Cinema 4d and Photoshop. But still not a reason to feel like a hero or? Really.. Strange peoples sometimes in out world.

Btw. he has a cool kiddy “hacker” name. Lol. Thats why I dont care to post his name her. I thought it would be funny.

Again a funny insight in my Blogs Search Engine Terms…

Here are some of the funny search engine terms peoples type in google and found my blog:

– good keywords in second life marketplace

Good Keywords? Maybe you should first think about it if every good keyword would fit to your Product!

– how can i move my xstreet market place items up in search

Ask a Linden Staff if he can do it for you!

– how to rent adboards in sl

Just rent them! Ok I dont want to be bitchy.. Here is the solution: Right click.. pay.. drag your LM, Notecard and Picture over the board.

– manual for phoenix viewer

I suggest to read a manual for your Computer and Second Life first!

– what i did just hang around

Great! I do that too sometimes!

– sit out space near small waterchannel

I cant follow..

– head in the dj booth

I can imagine thats what some DJ´s do if they didnt get any tip!

– how to parcel a second life mall

What the heck?

– do the boobs move in the phoenix viewer for secondlife

oh my…

– can you use emerald in secondlife

counter question.. were you able to use it for another game? Or do you mean today? No today you cant use it anymore..

– latest poll question


– dos attack on our server wordpress 2010

And now you demand that google can undo this?

– online games that use phoenix viewer

That is a classic one, we already did discuss here.

It seems that some peoples like conversation with google.. well and others have some very clouded questions for google ready.

This post is again a request.. If you are blog writer.. tell me how did peoples find you.. tell me some funny things.. I know we did do it already here but that is some time ago and maybe you have some new funny things found in your dashboard stats?

What kind of games can you play with Phoenix Viewer? :D

Sometimes it is just funny to see what peoples type into google. Today I checked out with what kind of search terms, peoples found my blog. One search term I had to think about..

Some one asked Google for “games that use phoenix viewer”.

Hmm. Let me think for a while. 😀

I mean I wouldn´t have any problem if I could use Phoenix Viewer with World of Warcraft. Really! Imagine I could build all those raid dungeons or buildings there. Imagine I could change that damn World of Warcraft World to my needs. Wouldn´t be that cool?

However.. I dont want to be unfair. For all peoples who came to my blog to find out what kind of games you can play with Phoenix Viewer.. The real answer is “Second Life” even if I am still not sure if  “Second Life” is a game. 🙂

I hope I could help out at this point. 😀

But if you are blogger.. I would be happy if you share you funniest search terms of peoples who found your blog. What kind of funny stuff do you find in your dashboard?

Be Dr. House.. ehh I mean Dr. Hauze!

Today I did browse the SL Marketplace Featured Items and found something really funny.

For you males there is a Skin which is inspired by the Dr.House MD TV show.

I really had to laugh coz I found it funny and I am sure I would buy this skin if I would be male. 🙂

You can find this Skin here on the Marketplace:

Dr. Hauze Avatar

The seller is Naj Potez with the Store NAJ shop

I did read in the product description that you wil get:

– The Skin

– The Shape

– Jacket

– Sneakers

– Jeans

– And for sure his animated walking stick 😀

You´ll get it for 890L$ on the SL Marketplace.

I thought this funny and cool product is a blogpost worse.

Torley Linden struggles with Viewer 2.x as well?

Found a Comment of Torley Linden on the Second Life Blogs:

Torley Linden said:…

Oh geez, you should’ve seen the internal email I just sent about how difficult it has been for me to search for stuff in Viewer 2.x.
Every time I’ve wrestled repeatedly with something in V2 — wondering if intuition from experience was right — I’ve reached out to Residents, and found I was far from alone. While I don’t directly work on product design, I continually advocate for Resi voices who feel they’re being ignored, and while it’s been a long road making V2 reach “feature parity”, as you allude to, it’s healthy to have the choice of using 1.23.
I like Viewer 2.4 a lot better than 2.0, that’s for sure, but there are numerous things I struggle with daily, and I always channel what Residents feel to other Lindens. (Discussions on such topics are best done with specific details, but that’s beyond the scope of this quicktip.)

Source: Second Life Blog

So its great to see that we Users are not the only ones who wish improvements! 😀

My neighboor placed a Planet!

Today I was in my Sandbox Skybox and then I did notice that my Parcel Neighboor placed a Planet!

How funny is this? I wish I would have some more Planets around my Sandbox Skybox. This is giving me the ultimate Star Wars feeling when I create some stuff in my Skybox. So neighboors..

Give me some more Planets please 😀
I know this blog entry isnt that interesting for you all.. But for me it is.. and I was bored.