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How To Create A Battlefield Hardline Config File To Use Console Commands Permanently

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

There are two ways to use console commands in Battlefield Hardline. The first way is to open the console in the game to type in the commands, but the problem is that the commands will only be enabled once and for the time your game session is active but the commands won´t be active anymore in your next game session after you restarted Battlefield Hardline. So, what is if you want to have certain commands active permanently? It´s possible too and what we need to do is creating a config file!

How do we create this config file? It´s easy and if you know how to create a config file in Battlefield 4, it won´t be much different for Battlefield Hardline. But if you are not sure how it was done in Battlefield 4, I will explain it now and the steps are very easy…

1. First of all…

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How to show the FPS in Battlefield Hardline

Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

It´s some time ago when I wrote on my blog in another article how you can enable the FPS display in Battlefield 4 and I noticed that the same commands work in Battlefield Hardline too, so that I want to write a tutorial about the Battlefield Hardline FPS display as well, but this time on my new technology and game related blog. So, lets talk about how you can display the FPS in Battlefield Hardline…

There are two ways how you can do this. The first method will activate the FPS display only in your active game session but the FPS display will disappear in your next game session, I mean in case you restart the game for example. If you want to show the FPS only once until you end the game, you just have to use the tilde key (~) to open your game console and then you…

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Eidos-Montreal’s New Game Engine

Originally posted on Plus1Play:

Eidos-Montreal (Square Enix’s studio responsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Thief) announced their new game engine named, Dawn Engine.  Dawn is based on IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine and boasts greatly improved rendering and real-time physics capabilities.  More advanced AI programming is also being toted for the new engine.  Check out this screenshot:

David Anfossi, Studio Head at Eidos-Montreal, had the following to say about Dawn:

“We’ve worked tirelessly over the last few years developing this engine, building upon and improving both the visual and immersive artistry in our games. We truly believe that our engine will help us to strengthen both the gameplay and storytelling experiences we strive to create.”

Also, if you’re into games, and think you’re up to snuff, Eidos-Montreal is seeking qualified candidates to join the dev-team.  Check out their openings HERE and let us know in the comments what you think of this…

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Here Is How The New World of Warcraft Blood Elf Models Look Like

Featured Image -- 1034

Originally posted on Tech Feeling:

The designers of Blizzard and World of Warcraft announced already yesterday that they would show us a preview of how the new blood elf models would look like. As promised, they delivered today on Twitter and they also published an article about their progress with the blood elf models on the official World of Warcraft blog where you can find the images and some thoughts of the developers and designers. Here is how the new blood elf models look like:

What is your opinion about the models? Do you like the new blood elf models?

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Number of Active World of Warcraft Subscribers Exceeds 10 Million

Featured Image -- 1029

Originally posted on Tech Feeling:

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Screenshot

Blizzard the developer of World of Warcraft mentioned in a latest press release that World of Warcraft surpassed 10 million active subscribers. The rise has of course to do with the recently released expansion pack called Warlords of Draenor that delivers fresh and new content for World of Warcraft players. The number of active accounts is around 13 million subscribers.

The first days of the Warlord of Draenor release were rough for many players as there were several issues but Blizzard mentioned that they worked around the clock to eliminate the technical problems. They rolled out several hot fixes and improved the realm capacity and server performance to offer a better gaming experience.

Mike Morhaime, the CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment mentioned “We’re thrilled that so many players jumped in to play Warlords of Draenor on day one and are having a great time with the new content…

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A little bit more Minecraft then Second Life, at the moment. Just for fun.

No. I do not want to compare both. I just want to mention that I am not around in SL at the moment because I play Minecraft with my brother currently.

Minecraft is completely differend then Second Life. SL gives me more freedom when I create things and I defenetly will be back soon! But hey! I must admit Minecarft is a lot of fun too,so I will spend some time there as we had some fun and laughing last days. :) We did build a castle out of these Minecraft blocks, so that we are save when it becomes night. Nighttime can be dangerous in Minecraft! There are spawning monsters which will hunt you.

But as I said.. I will be back to SL soon :)

Gold sellers and spammers in Second Life Forum

So now the Gold sellers and spammers we know from other Games (MMO´s) like World of Warcraft are arrived in Second Life. The official Second Life Forum is full of “Buy Linden Dollars” spam.

So be careful… I bet you catch malware if you click on one of those links. And you know.. you just can get L$ from Linden Labs on the official Second Life Website. So dont buy L$ on any of these dubious Websites they spam in the Forums.

I am back to SL for a while.. maybe with new inspiration. :)

Hello. I am back. Maybe you read some new stuff next time.. as I am back in SL with new inspiration.

But I still play World of Warcraft aside as well.

Game Bargains Everywhere

Today I know games aren´t expansive anymore. I complained sometime ago to a friend that they would be, but he answered that this would not be true and explained it to me. I realized he is right. Now, he did write a set of articles and how he got to a big collection of games without huge costs. I really suggest to read the articles as it is basically what he explained me.

He told me that EA sometimes has special bargains in the store. The way to be informed is to subscribe to the EA blog but it is explained in his article. But does not offer good deals very often, at least not so often like Steam. You can find game deals pretty often on Steam and they do offer not only old games but also very popular games. And then he told me that Gamers Gate has awesome game deals quite often too and you can even seek for Steam activation keys in their store. And if that is not enough, he talked also about additional strategies to find super game deals.

You know, if you are not much informed like my friend, you will probably pay that much for games like I did in the past. But with his tips I am now a bargain hunter for games too. I don´t really need the games soon as they come out. I grown up and I am rather casual gamer but it´s possible to get the games cheaper and that not too late. Sure, they won´t be price reduced on the day when they are released but they probably will cost less months later and if you are informed, then you can make some good deals like 75% off and so.

He was right, with a little bit patience you can get many games to a quarter or less of the price they did cost earlier. Is this game less interesting if you get it weeks or months later? If you are like me, then you probably say “no!”. It´s not bad if you get the game for example three months later but for a good price, as there will be still many people who use the multiplayer mode and if you are only interested in single player, you probably won´t take much care about this aspect anyway. You must also consider that it will take a lot of time until a sequel is released, so that there is still enough time to enjoy the multiplayer mode with people from all around the world.

I decided to wait a little bit until I grab a game but I will pay less and otherwise it won´t affect me much. I simply get it for less and that is somewhat cool because I can own way more games than before without much more costs. This was not possible before. You might think about this too.


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