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Who said Snowmen never dance? Guess who I met on a Party!


Met them at Beachwood Club in Second Life. The Place there is terrific designed, for that reason alone you should take a look… and there is great Music for those who like House Music.

New large Mesh Architecture released…

Mesh Architecture / Round Glas Crossbar Hall in Modern Design

Mesh Architecture which could have differend purpose on your Land or Estate. Comes in two differend styles (Blue and Grey Glas)

Footprint: 48m x 53m (12m high)

Use it as Club Architecture, Mall, Information Hall, Venue, Town Hall, Casino, Greenhouse or for other purpose.

Freshly out of my Cinema 4d Mesh Project I talked about in my latest Blogpost.

[P]erfection Elf Ears and more….

Some days ago I found a little but very nice Store in Second Life:


Some of you know that I dont only write about my own Product Updates and my own Stuff. Sometimes I also like to support other merchants and creators as well with a little Blogpost.

I just wanted to write about the [P]erfection Store because I met the owner and she´s a very happy Person. We talked about this and that but she also introduced me to her Store.

I think Elf Ears are still a Trend in Second Life and I noticed soon she has some great looking Elf Ears in her Store from Southpaw.

I know some of you like them very much and that is why I wanted to share this Location with you.

If you like… just take a look at her Store 🙂

I think this Blogpost is more about her Elf Ears but she offers Eye´s in differend Colors as well. Some of them are cute and others are

in Zombie or Vampire Style. But you can also find Prim Nails and some very special Crown Armrings. They looking pretty fine.

I suggest you take a look there.

Oh and for those of you who are Freebie-Hunter´s…

Indee you can grab a Gift or play Lucky Letters 😉

So hurry up and visit the [P]erfection Store 🙂

Much grass has grown. Howdy Neighbor Day!

Yesterday I was invited to the “Howdy Neighbor Day” of the Lionheart Estates.

This is a meetings of Lionheart Residents and of course there friends! Some time ago I did write
already a blogpost about this Event which they hold often at the Lionheart Community.
You can find the Blogpost here: Lionheart´s Howdy Neighbor Day. And you can read about the Howdy Neighbor Day on lionheartsl.com.

Much grass has grown!

Yes! When you compare both pictures above (left: new auditorium Picture/ right: old auditorium Town Hall Meeting Picture).. you notice the difference. Much grass has grown! That was the first I noticed when I arrived yesterday. Well I gave up my old Parcel on Lionheart some time ago and took a Second Life brake for a while. But I am back since four days now and this is probably the reason why the first thing I noticed was the grown grass and probably also the reason why I gave this blogpost this headline. 😉 Excuse me.

Howdy Neighbor Day!

If you are Resident on the Lionheart Estates, I am pretty much sure you know about this meetings. If not, it is explained easy. The thing is that the Headline of this Event explaines it already good. Anyway it is something special I must mention again and again when I attend as it is not something usual on other Estates I´ve seen.

The Howdy Neighbor Day is an good opportunity to meet and greet your Neighbor´s. Yesterday for example we hold an Introduction of Participants. It took some time but it is still essential. Second Life can be pretty anonymous sometimes. But with these Neighbor Day´s you can become acquainted with peoples around your Parcel. So when the Neighbor´s introduced them self which was for sure optional, we got Topics to talk about. Introduction of Participants usualy starts shy but ends cheered up.
So apart from get to know each other better.. we had also differend Topics and good mood.

Thats why I think it is again a Blogpost worth.
I did enjoy this Event but one or two hours later I had to go. The Eurovision Song Contest awarding of score tooks my attention then 😛
But as the Howdy Neighbor Day´s usualy are hold as long as the last one goes.. I am pretty much sure the Neighbor´s who remained had fun beyond.

If you want to be part of this Community and find a good Home.. then check out the Website: Lionheart Virtual Estate

I published the The SL Daily Ledger

Today I did publish The SL Daily Ledger .

So there you will find some top Storys about Second Life which are collected via my favorite Peoples on Twitter.

Advertise your Servise on two huge in sight AdBoards

-DD-Mall Huge AdBoardsYou can rent them here:

Big Outside AdBoards at -DD-Mall


Please take the notecard of our AdBoards and agree to our Rules before renting!

There are some importend rules as the adboards are outside and very good visible.. Before renting one of the AdBoards, you need to agree to our Rules! We wont for example sexist and virtual real estate promotion outside of our mall… You find the full list of our Rules if you click one of the AdBoards. Please accept these Rules before renting.

Thank you 🙂

Play some Trivia Rounds with nice Peoples in Second Life

I have new neighbors and if you know me.. well then you know that I am even nosy who are my new neighbors. Normally then I went to the new neighbor parcel to say “Hello, I am your neighbor! How do you do?”. 🙂

Well, this is the way how I meet peoples around my own Parcel and this is working well. In my opinion it is better to know neighbors as it can get a nice friendship sometimes. And with sometimes I do mean thats almost safe.

So when I noticed my new neighbors, I went over there and said “Hello”. They was very friendly and did welcome me. We talked abour neighborship and soon I asked whats there Project. Even if I did notice already, they told me it will be a club. They said I should come to an event if I like.

So I did.. another day I had a lot of yellow points on the Radar and I was sure they hold an Event. I went over there again and a DJ was spinning and a crowd had fun and nice talk. I did feel like I am at home, very fast.

If you think now “Oh noes.. Miyo is writing about another new Club again!”, then you are wrong. In my opinion this Club is a bit differend. I think there focus is more on “talk together”, play together” and “meet each other”. Which means we talked.. but very special was that we played a game. More precisely,… We played many rounds Trivia. Trivia is fun you know? Not that you only answer some questions if you can.. no,.. along the way you become acquainted with each other. For me it wasnt easy as the questions was in english and was focusing more on american general knowledge. But at least there was also a lot of general knowledge from all around the world. Questions about geographicals.. and many others. So I was able to answer some of these questions and even if I was right, i´ve got some L$. But I didnt care about the L$ and I think others didnt to as the bottom line is to play together and having a great time. And yes I think we had! It was fun!

Two Worlds Club

OK but let me tell you some Details and where you can find the Club. The Club is called Two Worlds. After asking them what kind of music they are related to, they told me that they play a wide range and arent related to anything special. They told me they play this and that depending on the Event and I think this is ok. I really suggest to stop by one day as it seems fun to meet the peoples there.

You can find the Club here: Click to teleport to the Two Worlds Club

I hope to see you there some day as I will stop by sometimes too. And I hope this article was interesting for you. 🙂

Oktoberfest is coming soon on the Lionheart Estates

Yesterdays I went to our Estate Community meeting called “Howdy Neighbor Day” on the Lionheart Virtual Estates. If you dont know about this Event.. its an event for Lionheart Residents and there friends and an opportunity to step off our land in pursuit to greet and meet each other. Socializing is the magic word and we hold already several of these meetings.

Sookie and me did write blogposts about one of the meetings some time ago. Read Sookies Blogpost and my Blogpost about one of our Neighbor Days if you want to know more.

So apart from meeting each other and talk together we also plan new things. Yesteday we talked about an idea to hold an virtual Oktoberfest Event. We had already a lot of good input but it is still in planing phase i guess. But one thing you should know.. Lionheart Events are usualy very well planed and make a lot of fun. So be prepared for the Oktoberfest soon. I will keep you informated if I hear more about it and when it will start. I imagine this event could be a blast.

So I think I will write about more details soon when I know more.

Cool Minimal Music at United Beats – *CODE 415*

United Beats ClubToday I am arrived at the United Beats – Code 415 Club in Second Life. I must say I am anyway a great fan of Minimal, House and Electro Music. So I did arrived at a Location where I feel pretty good. There was a DJ called Cyberstar and he really did groove the crowd. If you also like this kind of underground Music then you defenetly should take a look at this Location. They played a lot of “deep stuff” there.  No mainstream. I often visit those Clubs in Second Life if I have enough time and I am pretty sure I was there already before. I think they did do some changes on the Location. I defenetly can remind Code 415 but the Club Enviroment changed I guess. All the Peoples I did meet there was pretty crazy. They had absolut cool costumes. Pretty Sci-Fi and modern. Well thats it.. Its a Tech-Scene so dont wonder. So my suggestion goes to Code 415. Check that Club out.

Cloe´s Party at “Wee Little Irish Pub”

Irish PubI mentioned before that Cloe is now the new Chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce. You maybe did read it here: A new Chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce.

So I think because of that, yesterday she did invite us to her Party at the “Wee Little Irish Pub“. I think you can read in the Name it was an Irish Pub. We had much to talk and did listen Music. I thought the Music sounds pretty Irish so thats why I asked Cloe if this is “Irish Style Music” and she said yea you could call it so but the Moderator is subject to call it “Celtic Rock”. For me it was new but I did enjoy the Music and indeed the little Pubs atmosphere and all the friendly Guests. I had the chance to meet peoples I already know and some of Cloe´s Friends which I didnt know before.

She also told me that she has an Irish Band in Second Life and that the “Wee Little Irish Pub” is the Place where they hold Events sometimes. I was nosy and did join the Group to be informed about Events. I think I will arrive there again then and it could be that I someday write another Blogpost about it.

I also had the chance to take a “Lionheart Times” in front of the Pub. It is a Second Life Newspaper about things that happen on the Lionheart Estates. Pretty funny writen. You defenetly should take a look and read a little bit.

Ok I had again a nice day in Second Life. Sadly I was to early tired and had to leave the Party. But it was because its another timezone here in Germany. So for me it was latenight. However I was there for a while and I really did enjoy to meet them all. I think this is all I can write about it but at least I have some cool Pictures for you, take a look:

Irish Pub

Irish Pub

I did meet a friend in SL and just hang out. Cool!

Rocking in a Club So today I did meet a Second Life Neighboor which I already know for some time now. He has a Parcel not far away from mine. First we talked about differend stuff and then I´ve got an invite from a neighboor Club called “Number 12”. For all who dont know about this Club.. It is a alternative and Rock Club. I did write about it some time ago:

Number 12: Awesome Rock and Blues Club in Second Life

I told my friend about the invite and he decided to go there too. We did listen music and did write about everything. Our biggest topic was Windows Vista vs. Windows 7. I told him that I dont like it if a Operation System ask me multiple questions if I really want to start a programm or move data files from one to another location. We had much fun and did laugh much.

I like those day when I can hang out in Second Life and just relax the time, listen music and talking with other peoples. We also talked exactly about this topic. What do we do today if we are bored and its cold outside? We have the posibility to hang out in front of our computers. Use some photoshop or just hang around in Second Life. I asked him what he would to if he was born in 1818 or so.. He said he would posibly write a book. It was interesting to know. He told me that he like to write. What would I do if we wouldnt have computers and all this? I hope I would have a horse! I could imagine that I would like to ride a horse every single day. Maybe I would like to write songs.. I love music and in real life I play guitar. Maybe I could write songs on piano when I would be born 1800 or so.. You maybe laught about the topic we had. But at least its a good question or? What would you do in times were they didnt have stuff like computers or tele vision? I think they also had much hobbys.. music, writing,. painting.. at least they arent much differend to our hobbys today. Its just more technical and modern today. But we will see some day too.. Its just today modern and it will be old in the future. I like to talk with peoples about those philosophical stuff. At least we had much fun together and a great talk with great music.

My Parcel is on the Lionheart Estate and it can be fun to hang around there. You have so much neighboors with differend own projects there. You will find clubs and and and. When I did rent my parcel there it is some time ago and today I already know lots of peoples who are tenants there too. So this is what I like. Its like a virtual home town.. yea I feel at home there.

Ok but after listening music we got a group Invite of the Chamber of Commerce. It is a association of all Merchants and Business Ownerd from the Lionheart Estates but I will tell you more about this Event in my next Blogpost. Just check that out if you want to know what we did there.

Enjoy Your Time at Geetu Cafe in Second Life

Today I did meet Aviano Gearz on Twitter. I didnt know him before but I am even interested in new places. I think you know that. So he did tweet about his Cafe.. “Working on a little garden @ Geetu Cafe in Second Life.. Red, White and Pink Roses are beginning to blossom”.

Again I was nosy and I thought I take a look. A Cafe with with Flowers seemed to be interestind.. I like to see what peoples build in Second Life. And for sure I like to blog about it. Well at the moment his cafe is still a bit quit but I guess it is a new cafe. But why not visit it someday with your friends to have some communication in a friendly environment? Maybe you will meet Aviano Gearz there too and he is also very friendly. I can say I did enjoy the communication with him. You can see that he is from india.. He places the national flags there but also pictures of food. He also did show me a freebie corner because I am designer. And he said designer can place there freebie products for sure with Landmark and Notecard in the box. Peoples can grap a free product but designers can share Landmark and Notecard on this way. But I think I dont have to explain freebie here because we all know what it is I guess. So how I said the rest of the environment was also very sweet. I did enjoy the flowers there.

He did show me another interesting spot there in the cafe. He did place books you can read. They are related to India and if you click one of the books you will be redirected to google books. I did like that idea.

So if you like to visit this place with your friends in Second Life, here is the SURL for you: Geetu Cafe


Found a huge furniture center in Second Life

Hey my friends! Today I did use twitter for some communication because I was bored. A few days ago I did meet MickeyETC on Twitter so that I had some talk with her today again. You all know I am often nosy so I did notice her link on twitter is a SURL. I just checked her location then out inworld in Second Life. And what did I notice there? Great! She is furniture creator like me! So I arrived there in her Furniture Center called EtCetera Furniture ETC. I would suggest you click that link here and see what she is offering.

She had many kitchen sets there.. but look at this screenshot here.. this red kitchen did impress me very much. I like this style. But how I said.. this is not the only kitchen there.. just take a look!

I also found many bed room furnitures. See this picture here.. I think this is a pretty awesome arrangement.

I think you can get there everything which is called furniture and so. I did notice a lot of great outdoor stuff too there. Some stuff you can place in your Second Life garden. I like her style.

But see this here.. The store is huge. You really find everything there and this is why I am to lazy to write down everything she is offering.. its a huge sortiment there. I found really much furniture there.

At least I found out that there are promo sales in her store. You see the june special promo on the screenshot.
It is her Tuscan Wrought Iron Patio Set. The Idea seems to be great, if you purchase anything there for 500L$ you will get this promo set for free. But you can also buy this set for 500L$.

So yea I would say if you next time searching for some good furniture and so, just take a look at her store. Im sure you will find some interesting stuff for your Second Life!

And here is the store SURL:ETC Furniture Center

Number 12: Awesome Rock and Blues Club in Second Life

Last week I did notice there is a new building near my Mall. Because I even like to know my neighboors, and because I did notice many peoples on this neighboor parcel, I thought it would be a cool idea to say “Hello” there. I even do so if I notice new neighboors. However.. First I wasnt sure what I will find there. But when I arrived I did hear rock music and I was suprised! You know why? I love rock and alternative music! So now I was sure this must be a club and I was right.

So yea I went into the building and there was a party going on. The club is called “Number 12”. Peoples was friendly there and did greet me. It didnt took much time and I did feel very comfortable there. Not only because the friendly peoples, friendly communication there and the friendly atmosphere… I did also feel comfortable there because they did play music I like. They did hit my taste of music very good. Apart from rock and blues music they also did play very great old rock and oldie music. For sure they also did play some harder guitar music and thats what I like! I really did enjoy every single Song there and had much fun.

While I did dance with all the peoples there, I did meet the co-owner who is called “Do Negulesco” in Second Life. She also was very friendly. I asked her if I could write a blog article about this club because I like the club and I would like to tell peoples about this location. And yea she said this would be very cool. She also did offer me to tell me about the club history. I thought this would be pretty cool because this makes the article much more interesting. So this is why I will tell you something about the club history now.

They did start the first Club called “Number 12” back in September 2007.
It was the same club like the new “Number 12” today. IJsbrand McMillan (Owner) did start this project with his friends Glenn Umarov (DJ), Bloem Bekkers (Host) and Nella Ceawlin (Host). The club was small but anyway the location did enjoy to be in a vogue because they even played pretty great music. But other then today the did not hold events every day. But if they had events.. The club was well visited.
They did hold Events like the “Mister and Misses 12 elections” or Tattoo-Contests and many more. However “Do” told me that they had to close the old club because they didnt have enough time anymore then. Because of the popularity of the club it was sure that peoples was sad when they closed the first club back in August 2008.

IJsbrand and Do did work now for 18 month in other clubs then. But in this time they got the idea to re-open the “Number 12” some day. When Glenn and Bloem did hear about this new plans, they was right away enthused. They said “Sure.. re-open the Club and we will be there!”. “IJs” did find land on the Lionheart Estate and then they started to work on the new club.
So the re-opening was on 7th May 2010 with many guests and old friends. And you can be sure they was pretty happy and did feel comfortable again because it was like “come back home”!

As you can see… the club “Number 12”  is reborn.
But today the new club will have a DJ and Events every day at 12 PM – 2 PM. But much more importend is that peoples will have fun again and for sure they will enjoy there time at “Number 12” together. And im sure they even will come back!

So I would like that if you will visit the club too soon. If you want to do, here is the teleport location:
SURL: “Number 12” Your Number One Rock Joint

Greetings Miyo Darcy

Come And Enjoy A Shopping Adventure in Second Life

Come And Enjoy A Shopping Adventure in Second Life

The -DD-Mall in Second Life invites you to a great shopping experience.

You can find a lot of useful products for your Second Life in our Mall.

You will find Skins and Shapes, Tatoos, Fashion, Accessorys, Club Gear and Club Equipment and many more things!

So please come and enjoy our Mall here: Teleport to the -DD- Mall

Party at Pacha House Club in SL

Yesterday I did join another Club in Second Life. I id join the Party at Pacha House Club in Second Life.

There was a DJ who is also the manager there. He did play awesme house music and I did enjoy the party for over one hour until i had to go because real life was calling. But it was fun and you should check that place out too. Great music and nice peoples. The location was pretty delightful because the textured they used are very awesome. Look at the screenshot and see the dancefloor texture. Oh and all the palms.. you know i love plants in Second Life because my opinion is that they give a place a special atmosphere.. yea if they place palms i even have to think about california style and so. I get happy mood then. Yea really…

I talked to some peoples there and all seemed to be very friendly and communicative. I did see a lot of pretty avatars there with high quality skins and clothes. I like peoples who take pains to get such an awesome avatar style. I would say its looking cool then and you can see those peoples on the screenshots. Arent they beaty? I think so!
They said they do 24 hour sparty there but im not sure if this is true. However they make a lot of partys thats sure and you defenetly should check them out.

AdBoards available at -DD-Mall for 50L$ weekly!

AdBoards available at -DD-Mall for 50L$ weekly!

AdBoards at -DD-Mall in Second Life

The AdBoards are direclty near a slapt.me terminal, eldex terminal, midnight mania board, lucky chair.

So just check out our place and if you like, just rent a board and advertice your service in my Mall. Greetings.

Very good plants in cost-performance ratio!

I told you in my last blog post that I was looking for plants I can place in my Mall to get a beautification. Yea I wanted that shoppers feel good and relaxed when they arrive. So then I did need some good plants and I was looking on xstreet. I found some pretty good ones and they had a great price:
Good Second Life Plants in Cost-Performance Ratio

I mean 20L$ for such great plants is perfect or not?

However I did notice early enought that this person sells all her plants in a box for just 200L$ too:
20 Potted Plants / Planters

I did check out the potted plants in world:
:: KAZ :: Potted Plants / Planters

I was happy so far with these plants and did decide to buy the full box with 20 plants on xstreet and I didnt regret this decision.

So my suggestion goes to KAZ plants.. You should check them out if you want to get some more beautification for your Second Life place.

Japanese Style in Second Life

Hi my friends. Today I want to tell you something about another voyage I had in Second Life.

All started with a conversation on Twitter. I did meet a friendly person there who told me, that he owns two sims in Second Life. We had really a nice talk.

But if somebody tell me about Second Life places, you all know I get easily snoopy! So this is why I did ask him for the place and where I can find that sim.

And then he did invite me to show his sim. My first impression was very good because I anyway like asian style structures and architecture. I dont know much about this architexture but anyway if I see those buildings I have to say “Wooow!”. Maybe just because I like this shapes of the architecture. Japanese culture for example is very impressive. Ok so when I arrived, the friendly sim owner did show me first a theater. You can see the structure here on the first both screenshots. So then we did talk there in a meditation pose. It was fun.

After this discussion I asked him if I can walk around and take some screenshots and write a blog post about this place. He said “No problem”. You know im addicted to find new places in Second Life and if I found a asian style sim, im more happy. After say “Goodbye” I did start my walk there. I did see many japanese buildings around and I will show you some screenshots of them now. Maybe you like this style too.

Here I found something like a castle. Great architecture and very creative. Sure you are able to go in there and I will tell you more about it on the next screenshots!
I went up to the highest level of this castle tower and there I found something..
You can use a telescope there. This was a funny idea!
Here is some other japanese style architecture. I think this looks pretty awesome.
But I found also a big and modern skyscraper there. Looks cool too or?
I´ve found some of these typical japanese food stations.. You can sit there and so. I think this here is my favorite screenshot. What do you think?
You can go into many buildings there and just sit, relax or meditate.
At least I did decide to sit for a while in a nice japanese enviroment and started to write on this blog post. All in all I would say this sim is impressive and also a visit worth. So nothing more to say..
If you are also interested in Second Life architecture.. You should take a look there. It would also be a trip worth with your friend. Tell them and relax a day on  a japanese sim.
Ok but you need to know where to go… so here are the details:
Sim Name: Kumamoto Japan
So just check that out and I hope you have fun there.

Theater in Second Life

Sometimes it is just good to know that you can do many things from real life also in Second Life.

What about visiting a theater with your friends?

For sure you can do! Today I did notice that one of my neighboors left the estate and whats new there on the land? How I said.. there is a little theater now. So why not invite your friends and have some fun?

I just think its one more activity which could be fun if we are bored in Second Life. I know the theater seems to be not huge but is that importend? I dont think so. When I did go in, I did notice that you have to be in the group to use the screen. But you can join easy and leave after the theater visit.. or just stay.. how ever you like.

So in my opinion this is a great idea and defenetly a visit worth. So take your friends there and have some fun!

Here you will find the location in Second Life:


Nice Gulf Coast Setting in Second Life

Ok with my travel addiction in Second Life, I´m arrived on another sim now.
First impression was that I´m arrived in a gulf coast setting with very well design. The place is called Junkyard Blues Club. I did see many palm trees, lagoons or should i better say little lakes? Oh yea and in some of those little lakes I did notice some crocodiles but you can be sure they wont kill you! My avatar is still alive after this journey.

So when I did arrive, i had the choice to go to the beach, to the shops or to the club. Well im a beach fan so this was my decision to go the first. Its just because i really love to see water and palm trees in Second Life. Its often so that this is looking amazing.
I did see so many beaches in Second Life but I cant stop to search even and even for new ones. Ok so how i said, i wanted to go to the beach first.

But I did know that I will find anything else which is interesting on the way to the beach. If i really think that  a Sim is well and perfect designed, than i just cant go a distance without take a rest on the way and just enjoy the enviroment. I had to take screenshots again. Behind me you can see a very old gas station with a work shop. Aside i did notice a laundry shop. I know its nothing special but when I did see the design of this architectures i was just impressed. The designers did really hit the gulf coast flair. So next time if i want to meet friends to talk a bit, i will do it defenetly here on the park bench just because of the great enviroment. It was just a nice area there.

After this little brake it became late and the sun went to bed. I just arrived on the ocean and did see this bridge over the water. On this point i was now sure i will see boats and i love boats in Second Life! I just have to say again that i often get impressed because there so many creative peoples in Second Life. They build so much good stuff and arrange it often to a whole sim. Really impressive.

So I was right. There was boats! Anyway i was a bit sad that i couldnt use them because it was just a landing space of other peoples who did rent this spot for her private boat. So yea you can rent those boat spots. To sad that i couldnt do a boat tour there. The lakes and the oceans are just to beatiful and i wish I could to that tour. However maybe i can do so in the future. And i think i will! BUt for now i had to complete my way altthough i didnt know where to go next. Not because I was bored.. no no! Just because the sim was to huge and there was to many interesting spots that even if  I wanted, it would just be to hard to write about them all here in my blog. Huge and great!
So then i found a flowery cocktail bar. This was also great at night with a nice view!
The place was so lovely designed that you feel very happythere. So take a look there soon!
I did see many cool islands around, which was defently a look worth too!
I found also a little water channel and believe me this is romantic to walk there.
But the main atraction seemed to be the Junkyard Blues Club there where many peoples was around and had fun while dancing. Yea I think this was the main atraction on this sim and peoples seemed to have fun there. The music was also very great.
All in all this was a nice time for me on this sim.
And you should defenetly take a look there too 🙂
Here is the link to this place:

Miyo arrived on the Pirate Airport

Hey I told you already that I enjoy to travel in Second Life sometimes.

So today I arrived at Pirate Airport and was a bit impressed. I mean we all know that Second Life has many creative peoples who build Sims. But Second Life has such a big vatiety of creativity that I sometimes just have to take screenshots for my collections. And yea this is why I also like to write about special places then.

So first thing I did notice is that the peoples really can fly aircrafts there but also chopper and so. I asked someone if anybody can fly there and they told me “yes”. You can for sure rezz your own aircrafts or just take one of the freebie aircraft in one of the buildings beside the runway. So it was cool to see that peoples did fly in and fly out of the runway. I also noticed a few meters away of the runway something like a highscore objects. So it seems to be that peoples can beat each other with better fly times but im not sure about it. Well I didnt investigate that because I am more interested in architecture of Sims or I should better say im just interested in design and so. I dont get easy impressed by games but more if i see any special objects and if the setting of the sim is wonderful. Well and I need to say my first impression of the Pirate Airport ist pretty cool. You should take a look there.

So next when i walking around, I did notice a map in a hangar, which was showing me many more airports around. So i guess you can just take your aircraft and fly from one airport to another one. Seems to be a pretty good idea for a sim. I also did notice some cool pictures on the hangar walls. They all was a bit related to aviation and so. The whole design of all the enviroment there was pretty aweseom. I think they did build hours and hours and week for week on this sim. I think sometimes i can see if the designers did do there job with love or not. Here they defenetly did it with love and much creativity. So if you are bored some day. Just check out this place. It is just great there.

So if you want to check out this place, just teleport here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Honah%20Lee%20Surf/163/89/22


Alexandre Skins & Fashion now in my Mall!

Alexandre Skins & Fashion has some great stuff to offer and this is why I decided to place those great fashion in my second mall space.
And this is great because its seems so that peoples like this fashion. So my mall is expanded to many new fashion products for girls. But we also have some stuff for boys there.
But its also great because we have a little tatoo corner now! Those Alexandre tatoos are pretty sexy and you should take a look in our mall!
So if you like to see some of these fashion products, feel free to teleport to my mall and see if you find anything interesting there.

Here is the location of the mal:

So hope you will find something for you and your second life :):