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Browsing WordPress for Second Life related Topics can be fun.

Sometimes if I am bored I just browse for Second Life Related Topics on WordPress and read interesting Storys of other User´s. Not that you only can read interesting Second Life Storys of differend People. Its rather so that it can also inspire you to find cool Topics you did not think about before. You know if you are interested in a Topic you could leave a comment there on the Blog. But why not answering on this Blogpost with your own Article and give them credits with a Backlink? In the past I found that method very interesting and I think you can make friends on this way as well. This is often a win win for both sided and exspecialy for both blogs. For sure this is working with other Blogproviders as well. Think about that 🙂

Is your blog really only about Second Life?

I just wonder how you handle it.. do you only write about Second Life related things in your blog? Or do you go off topic sometimes too?

I know its specifically if you write about one subject area..

But at the moment I think about getting a bit more generally with my blog. Today for example i wrote about games..

I just cant find everyday a topic about Second Life but sometimes I still want to write about anything else..

How do you handle it?

Again a funny insight in my Blogs Search Engine Terms…

Here are some of the funny search engine terms peoples type in google and found my blog:

– good keywords in second life marketplace

Good Keywords? Maybe you should first think about it if every good keyword would fit to your Product!

– how can i move my xstreet market place items up in search

Ask a Linden Staff if he can do it for you!

– how to rent adboards in sl

Just rent them! Ok I dont want to be bitchy.. Here is the solution: Right click.. pay.. drag your LM, Notecard and Picture over the board.

– manual for phoenix viewer

I suggest to read a manual for your Computer and Second Life first!

– what i did just hang around

Great! I do that too sometimes!

– sit out space near small waterchannel

I cant follow..

– head in the dj booth

I can imagine thats what some DJ´s do if they didnt get any tip!

– how to parcel a second life mall

What the heck?

– do the boobs move in the phoenix viewer for secondlife

oh my…

– can you use emerald in secondlife

counter question.. were you able to use it for another game? Or do you mean today? No today you cant use it anymore..

– latest poll question


– dos attack on our server wordpress 2010

And now you demand that google can undo this?

– online games that use phoenix viewer

That is a classic one, we already did discuss here.

It seems that some peoples like conversation with google.. well and others have some very clouded questions for google ready.

This post is again a request.. If you are blog writer.. tell me how did peoples find you.. tell me some funny things.. I know we did do it already here but that is some time ago and maybe you have some new funny things found in your dashboard stats?

Find Male Fashion in Second Life

As a female I feel sympathy for all the males outthere who are searching for Male Fashion in Second Life. I can remember a chat with a friend how was swearing that he just cant find male fashion. I told him there is much male fashion but peoples most likeley blog , collect and share infos about female fashion. However I did understand his problem. I think male fashion is really more rare and there are not much websites which share the latest male fashion news.

As I said I feel sympathy for you males out there but today I found a new blog which could help you. Its a male fashion blog and maybe you should take a look there. 😉

Here it is:

Guys Stuff SL

If you think “OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google!”…

If you think “OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google!”, you should defenetly take a look at this cool writen Guide here:

“OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google!”

Today I did read that Guide and found some very helpful Tips and Tricks about SEO “Search Engine Optimization”.

You should take a look there if you write in a Blog. Im sure some  of us who use Second Life and write in a Blog had already some Questions about that Topic. Me as well.. so take a look into the Guide if you want to learn some Google and Blog related stuff. 🙂

To-Do-List and finished Things on my new Blog

Today I finished some more work on my Blog. I added tons of categorys and did put all the Posts in several Category because I wanted to add a Tag-Cloud-Widget on my Sidebar. And I did.

I think about creating an own Background-Image for my Blog with Photoshop. But right now I´m a bit to lazy coz creating and adding all posts to Categorys was already a good amount of work for today.

Oh no.. I did forget to inform the Blogs which did link to my old Blog. Need to ask them if they can change the URL of the Link to my blog. It must be the new URL.

And then comes the part of relaxing.. Give me some Second Life! 🙂

I moved from Blogger to WordPress

I wasnt happy with Blogger anyhow. I did try WordPress and I must say that I like the Backend much more. I like how I can manage the blog with WordPress. Im sure its a matter of taste. But here I am on my new Blog at WordPress. Yes now I am happy. Finished most importend stuff and imported already all the old Posts from Blogspot. Did create a Header and did setup some Widges. I know there can be done more. But give me some time.. let me see what I can setup next days. For now I am happy.

I think I need to inform all the Blogs who linked back to me. I did add already there blogs in my Blogroll.

So here is the new Place where I will write about my Second Life in the future.

Twitter App "twitterfeed.com" seems to be back online now!

For all Bloggers.. The Website of the Application twitterfeed.com for Twitter seems to be back online now.

Twitter App "twitterfeed.com" seems to be down?

My last few blog posts did not update to twitter. I usually did use the Twitter Application twitterfeed.com for this function. But this Service seems to be down now? Anybody knows something? Any good and trustful alternatives out there? Im not sure whats happened to this Service and Domain.

Peoples like to filch backlinks with there SL Blogs or they are lazy!

Yesterday I asked the “Second Life Club Review Blog” Owner if a backlink exchange would be a great idea? The answer was “Woow cool yes sure!”.

I did add this blog to my “Second Life related Blogs” Section and thought they would do so too.

Today I had to notice that they didnt add my blog to there lin section. However and nevermind for me because I can pass on peoples who just say “Yes and amen!” but dont do anythink.

I dont think that they did forget to do it because we did chat in IM Second Life yesterday and a link exchange takes just a minute. I did need just 1 minute to but there blog to mymlink list.

But because they didnt, I had to remove there link today too because I have to assume that they are just to lazy to put a link online or they just wanted to filch my backlink..

But im not stupid so go away with your “Second Life Club Review Blog” and be happy!