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Woohoo Pagerank

Im not sure but i have to wonder why this blog has a google pagerank of 3! I mean I didnt write much last time here. Anyway someone maybe did link my blog so that i´ve got shared the pagerank of them too.

However this is great!

Miyo Darcy is now on Twitter!

Yes i am on Twitter now too. I will give it a try.. and I really dont know why  😛

But ive heard about so much peoples who using it.. well now i am too.

Here is my Twitter Link:

Miyo Darcy on Twitter – Click me

I did also add an Twitter Updates gadged here on my blog.

Have fun all.

NoDa SL Fashion Blog

NoDa SL Fashion Blog

Nolene Damiano is one of the tenants in my mall. She is very nice and she is also very creative.
I thought i should write here about her shop and about her blog.

You can visit her shop inworld.. just click the the following SURL Link:

NoDa Fashion Shop

Or you can visit her Blog on this URL:

NoDA SL Fashion Blog

I hope you can find something interesting there because she is very creative.

Start of the Miyo Darcy and Darcy Designs Blog

Start of the Miyo Darcy and Darcy Designs Blog

So much peoples on Second Life have a Blog that i did decide to share some of my Second Life experience too.

Today i start to setup the Blog.

I will share some of my Second Life experience here soon. I will inform you about My Second Life experience, my Second Life company called “Darcy Designs” and other Second Life related companys and topics.

So now i start to edit the Blog.

You will hear from me soon 😉