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I could flip out!

Yes I could flip out now! Its just one week ago when I did adjust every Item on the New SL Marketplace. Today I noticed that the Item description changed to the old description from Xstreet. This means I can do all the work again and adjust every single Item on the new marketplace again. Yea I flip out right now and I get angry about Linden Lab. I think I wont change anything again now until Xstreet died. Its just annoying.. things are still messed up and I am sure this could happen again and again until Xstreet died. Linden Lab´s data transmissions are a joke too. Cant the system notice that your items has been transfered to the new marketplace already? Is this to difficult to realize Linden Lab? What a bunch of incompetent coder they are. I cant believe it. Sorry for my pissed blogpost but I did need to write this trouble out of my head. And now I feel better. Ok let me be relaxed now 😀

SL Marketplace Listing Enhancement Performance

I did add a Listing Enhancement for one of my Products on the Second Life Marketplace. I did add a “Landing Page Enhancement” to my DJ Booth for Clubs because this was one of my Topsellers on the good old Xstreet. So I thought this Object would sell on the new SL Marketplace every bit as it sold on Xstreet if I activate the Enhancement. I payed L$999 for 30 days and here are my Results after two Weeks activated Enhancement:


last day/week/month – 124 / 3388 / 4793

Click Throughs:

last day/week/month – 0 / 2 / 3

Thats pretty bad compared to the Click Throughs and Sales I had on Xstreet. I should rather say that the SL Marketplace Performance on this Product is crappy compared to the same Product on Xstreet.

What does that mean? Do peoples still use Xstreet more likely? Thats at least my impression because there is nothing to say about my Product. As I said… on Xstreet it was my Bestseller with activated Enhancements.

I wont activate any new Enhancement on SL Marketplace until Xstreet is closed as it seems to be that peoples stil shopping more likely on Xstreet. And I guess I´m not wrong here.

Let me see how it will be until Xstreet is closed. For now I can say that these Enhancements on the new Marketplace arent profitable for my Products. But they was in the past on Xstreet.

I hope the Time will heal.

My SL Marketplace Sales are still poor

I noticed that my SL Marketplace Store sales are still very bad compared to my Xstreet SL Store sales. Even if I am still not happy enought with the fact that we soon have to use the new Marketplace it will be better anyway for us. At the moment we merchants have our customers splitted on two platforms. When Xstreet will close all peoples go over to the new Marketplace and then we dont have to monitor both platforms anymore. Lets hope that these changes dont affect our sales negative. At the moment I dont notice much sales on the new one but because Xstreet is still available, that could be the reasons as many peoples maybe still buy there and not on the new Marketplace.

Second Life Marketplace – Transition Plans Announced

The Commerce Team announced now the transitions Plans for the Second Life Marketplace:

Transition Plans
Here is a quick overview of what to expect in the next few months while we  move toward retiring XStreetSL and launching SL Marketplace. Dates are supplied where available.

  • XStreetSL Feature Enhancements suspended – Tomorrow, September 1st, will be the  last day to purchase either homepage or category feature enhancements on  XStreetSL  Please check out the offerings on the SL Marketplace site, As there are even more options for feature enhancement. Feature  enhancements on XstreetSL will not be migrated to the new marketplace.
  • XStreetSL banner ad sales retired – Soon, you will no longer be able to purchase banner ad subscriptions on XStreetSL.
  • In October: XStreetSL Linden dollar exchange trading suspended. – All market trades that are not filled will be closed and the funds returned.
  • XStreetSL new listing creation closed – As of 9/5/2010, XstreetSL will no longer allow for new listings to be  created, and the Commerce Team will focus on migrating all remaining  content to the new marketplace.
  • XStreetSL will have links added for customer to choose if they want to buy the item on the new marketplace.
  • XStreetSL Items will no longer be available for purchases on October 6th 2010. –  If there are links to Xstreet SL detail pages on blogs or articles  those links will automatically refresh to the linked product on the new  marketplace.
  • XStreetSL sales history, account history will no longer be available after December 1st 2010.
  • XStreetSL RSS feeds will be replaced by Marketplace feeds
  • XStreetSL links in SecondLife.com changed to Marketplace – The links in the Second Life web site will be updated so they point to the SL Marketplace.
  • SL Marketplace is out of beta!

Read the full announcement here:  Second Life Marketplace is coming soon – Transition Plans

Not far apart.. Second Life Marketplace replacing SLX

The commerce Team announced on the Commerce Blog that the the big changes arent far apart. It seems Second Life Marketplace will replace XstreetSL very soon. So stay tuned.

You have a garden in SL? Place a romantic Pavilion!

Miyos Romantic Garden Pavilion Today I did build a new Product for Second Life. This is a romantic Pavilion which can be placed in a Garden or on a Wedding. Maybe it could be a good spot to meet and talk with friends. Or just for any other Event. I uploaded it already to the Second Life Marketplace:

Romantic Garden Pavilion (Boxed)

Hope you like it. Greetings 🙂

SL Marketplace, do we need to do the math of "Sales History" in the future?

If you are merchant you know it was easy to get the value of xstreet sales you had in a exact time range.. How I said.. when you did use xstreet.

Under “My Marketplace” we just had to click “Today´s Sales” and then we´ve got a Sales History where we could find everything we want to know. Monthly earnings… weekly earnings.. maybe a whole year? Indeed all was possible so no more math needed. Just copy and paste the values to our Calculation Software (OpenOffice or Excel) and thats what was ok. Pretty simple but enough to monitor the income we have.

Now for sure I asked my self how it will be with the new Marketplace instead of Xstreet. Checked out the new Second Life Marketplace Beta to see if I can find anything. Under “Merchant home” I found a Link called “Reports” and “Product Sales” on the left side. Clicked it and was shocked how simple this report is. Didnt see much more then a list which tells me how much visits and sales differend of my objects had. Ok so far.. but.. I did see more numbers on the buttom which I could use to browse all my objects… yea to get all the info about my other product visits and sales. And here is my problem. Should I now browse all pages and then do the math by my own to get the amount I´ve sold? And how about time range? I couldnt see the complete addition of all sales.. I also couldnt find anything which let me define a time range. This cant be true and I hope it is because it is still in a beta.

This is not complexy and there must be more.. I hope there will be more. Im not happy with a simple list of my product sales. I need to define the time of sales.. I need to have the possibility to setup more then this. And I defenetly wont browse 10 Pages of over 100 Items and do the math by my own.

This cant be all. And please lets all hope we get more then this after the beta.


I like it, I like it not..? New SL Marketplace.. my thoughts.

Usually I am one of these persons who dislike everything that is affected by changes. Or in short: I hate changes.
In almost the same manner it was pretty sure why I did freak out when heard that Xstreet SL will be transformed to something which is called Second Life Marketplace. Yea New Second Life Marketplace.

Indeed I was one person of many who worried about that. I thought why there is need for so much changes?


Today I updated some of my core products on the new marketplace. And after editing 3 products I started to acclimatize with the new way how to manage products there and so.

I must say that I now start to like the new design.. Yes me! The evil hater of all changes.. I like it now!?

Yea the way how I can edit all the products is pretty good. Guess its just a matter of habituation.

I like that you can link one product to another. Or link to a demo. This is good I thought and I use it now.

What makes me sad is the fact that they did remove this “Peoples who bought this product, bought these products too…” Feature. Im not sure but this was another good way to get some visitors.. yea visitors other creators as well.

But at least I am overall much more happy with it then in the past. Had already some sales but not much. Main sales still come from Xstreet SL. But when they close it down.. I hope those sales will be on the new Market too.

Just my “changed” thoughts on that.

Germany Fans in Second Life!

Germany Fans in Second Life.. get your german fan bundle and show your love for your team in Second Life too!

Just 30L$ on xstreet:
German Soccer Fan Bundle with Hat and Flags. We stay to our Soccer Club!

For the germans..
Leute.. Wir machen randale.. Wir feiern! Wir hoffen! Mit vollem Herzen! Für unser Team! Auch in Second Life!

Changes to XStreet SL Image Support

Dear XStreetSL Merchants,
We’ve had to make a change, effective immediately, to what image hosting locations we can allow on Xstreet. If the images in your listings are all hosted on Linden-owned domains, this will not impact you.

You can read more of this news on the Second Life Blog

New Tipjar for your Second Life Club

New Tipjar for your Second Life Club

Today I just finished my new TipJar Club Product. It is a heart on a wound stand and this is why i call it “Heart&Love Tip Jar”. I think this looks great and could actually match to a Second Life erotism Club.
However I think it is great for every club or business and I hope that peoples will like this kind of tipjar. But I think this one is really sweet!
So this could be a tipjar for you and your team with a easy configuration notecard. Let peoples donate you and your team!
I would like to tell you some details here:

Here is what you can change in the config notecard:

– ownerpercentage (How much should you take of each tip that your staff recive?)

– maxrangesensor (The distance until the tipjar will logout your staff)

– Text of the Tipjar (You can define the tipjar hover text)

– Text for the messages (You also can define those tipjar messages

– Textcolor (self-explanatory I guess)

How you can see.. You can change many settings on the notecard. Its easy!

More Details:

Prims = 3
Permissions = copy

So buy this one and let you or your team collect donations and tips. 🙂

Here you can get it on xstreet:


Buy a Club Skybox for SL

-DD- Club Skybox 30×30 with 47 Prim with modern design BOXED

Today i wanna introduce you in a skybox product which you could use as club but also as home or what you like.

Details about the Structure:

– 30 meter x 30 meter (great for a 1024sqm parcel/land)
– only 47 prims
– awesome and modern design
– mod/copy
– good for sky clubs

If you still have questions… ask Miyo Darcy for Details.

If you want to see the product just tell me.. i also could show you the product inworld!

So if you like this producs.. you can buy it here on xstreet:

Random Chat Announcer for SL

If you own a business in Second Life.. for example a club its great if you have the possibility to announce messages for your guests.

Tell them about your project. Tell them any news or what ever.

So I did need such an object for my Mall an then I decided to create an object which can handle those functions.
So this is why I would like to tell you something about this products. It is usefull.

Random chat announcer with configuration notecard for your Second Life Business or Project.

This product is a random chat announcer.
It can randomly say, whisper or shout custom text message in the chat.

You can configure the time value, the chat mode and custom messages via configuration card.

This sounds easy and it is! You get a very easy to understand instruction card too.


– User Manual
– Easy product settings via Configuration Notecard
– Configuration of Chat Mode (whisper, say, shout)
– easy configuration of the chat announce timer (countdown)
– easy config up to 9 custom chat slogans
– only 1 prim
– copy/modify (you can chance size, texture or whatever)
– Initializing and Status Message after every configuration


This product isnt thought as spamdevice!

Please be sure that you only use decent values, otherwise peoples could think you are spamming very hard!

For example a value of random chat announcements every minute is very much. Think about decent values. Values like every 5 or 10 minutes or more should be ok. So then it isnt annoying for other peoples.

Most sim owners dont like the shout chat mode. If so, be sure that you use whisper or say mode.

Please also be careful about your neighboors. If you use the shout mode, they will see your random chat too. It is better if you use whisper or say in your configcard!

Default value is Whisper but you can change that.

So if you would like to own this products too..

You can get it here on SL Marketplace:


My Xstreet Traffic Statistics

I just thought i share my Xstreet Traffic Statistics here. This is the graphic since I started to sell on Xstreet. Sometimes its really crazy and i dont know why the traffic is increased or not. I really study it but I dont understand it. But its fun.. its good for some analysis. I even understand more how the marked is working.

The Day of the Forum Merger…

Current information to my Vote “Do you like the new Website?” on the Shopping Forums…

Do you like the new Website?

No! 67% [144 Users]

Yes! 21% [45 Users]

I dont know at the moment! 11% [24 users]

Total Users Votes: 213

Now we did recive a statement from Pink Linden:

Hi all,

Seeing a lot of responses and thoughts about the new design. I want to mention a few things.

1. Wow, that fluorescent green in the forums rolled out a lot differently than we expected after seeing it on staging and in our designs. Our eyes are burning too, and we’re going to adjust that hex value.
2. We agree that we need to adjust the contrast between texts and backgrounds on XStreetSL more to improve readability.
3. We’re on it. ASAP.

Ok. That said….

This is an interim step on the road to a larger redesign that will further improve shopper experience and usability.

We’re growing fast, and sometimes our choices make that painfully obvious. Embarassed But we’re on the road to improvement. Also, importantly, this reskin did not interfere with the development of key functionality you’ve been asking for on XStreet SL.

Thank you for staying in there, and for your feedback. Hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

Now, how’s business? Do you see more shoppers? Are they buying more?


Pink Linden and the Commerce Team.



Xstreet new Website design is Live!

Ok i just logged into Xstreet and i see the new Design is Live.

So let me check out the new Design now.

First impression is good but I need to see more.

DJ´s and Clubowner watch…

Today i wanna indroduce you in one of my latest club products. This is the first product I show you here and it is my favorite own object.

It is a DJ and producer, club and home entertainment professional DJ booth with tons of hardware and build-in animation. This DJ system includes all what a club or DJ needs. This is hight quality DJ gear for your Second Life. I did spend a lot of time and love for this product. I did need a system for my own club so i did decide to build and not to buy. And here we go… Now i tell you about the finished product on my blog. Ok lets go…

Here are some Details about this beautiful Club and Home Entertainment Product:


– The permissions are modify and copy

Product content:

– The stage for the artist
– Animation for the dj and producer included
– A desk (table for all the dj and producer hardware components)
– 2 animated triple sub woofer speaker (This means you get 3 loud speaker on the left site and 3 loud speaker on the right site. This is a total of 6 animated power subwoofer)
– 2 Turntables (with rotating vinyl records)
– 3 different mixer equilizier and synthesizer
– 1 drum mashines
– 1 midi keyboard (64 touch sensitiv keys)
– 2 Music Notebooks with 2 different Ableton Live Screens (Display)

This together is a very big and professional bunch of hightec instruments and furniture for your club, disco or home! This is a DJ Gear Set full of components. You will love it.

Ok but there are more details which are importend to know. For example if we talk about metric details. And thats what we will do now.

Metric Product Details:

Product length = X = 1.500
Product width = Y = 6.000
Product high = Z = round about 2.800

This is a very good size for a dj booth. And it is a good size for every music club and home.

You get a mod/copy version of this product collection. This means you can make several backups in your inventory.
But you shouldnt change the object size otherwise you could destroy the adjustment of the dj animation!

About primitives:

This collection all in all has 44 Prims. This is not much for such a big and complex product or?


This product has definitely some hightlights.

-Dj animation
-High quality textures
-The textures of the speakers are animated
-Scripted and rotating turntables
-Very modern design

Those points was very importend when i did design the product because this is what I expect of a DJ booth.

User Manual

If you buy, you will receive a Collection BOX.
You just need to rez and unpack it to your inventory. Now rez again.

Place it where you like now. Adjust it sweet to your club floor or wherever you like.

DJ´s just need to right click the whole object and choose “sit”. Now the DJ will be animated and the party can start.

My Worksteps

The produce did take some time and love.
I spend a lot of time with grafic software like Photoshop for the design and re-design of textures.
But first i did spend some time to create a layout with pen and paper.
After this work step i thought about a good metric layout. I also had to script and animate the loudspeaker textures.
Now i had some good work elements and i was able to start and design the 3d objects inworld. I also had to implement the
turntable rotation script.
After finishing, some friends was amazed about the first prototype product.
But i still did need en animation. So i started to use a 3d software for the keyframing. There was some trials until i was happy
with the cycle of the animation. Now i just had to implement a script and adjusting the animation.
My last worksteps was to decide about the hardware and furniture composition. And i started some object and texture option fine tuning (Shininess, Glow, Color, Brighness and more).

Days are elapsed because i dont wanted to build fast. I was intended to build a product wich i would use too. I wanted a perfect one.

Now i did notice a finish release product and i was satisfied but also depleted about all the hard work. But this was fun.

I dont want to deprive you this amazing handmade product.
I did try to create and build a realistic looking set for you and your partys. I hope i was successful and its your flavor.
So this is for sale now and i hope it can be en enrichment for your club coz its full of efort and love.

So where to buy and to try?

You can find the product on Xstreet, slapt.me, and Inworld:

– Inworld URL

– Xstreet

– Slapt.me

Last Words

I hope you was able to gain insight about my work steps, character and i also hope that you got enough details about my product and me as a designer, creator and seller.

If not…

Just feel free to contact me.