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Lionheart´s “Howdy Neighbor Day”

Lionheart´s “Howdy Neighbor Day”

Yesterday on Fri, April 30,the Lionheart Community hold there first “Howdy Neighbor Day”. Because I also own land on the Lionheart Sims, I was one of the guests who was present. First of all i was very very suprised that so much peoples came to this event. I´m arrived and I´ve seen that every second other peoples came in. We had a crowd of peoples already after some minutes. Lionheart itself said later about it: “The event was a blast!”. And I totally agree.

Most of the peoples came in accurate, some others came some minutes later. However there was a great participation and the event did start now. The atmosphere was great. The peoples started to talk and the place where we hold the event was just very stunning. I have to say that I quik did feel homely and as though I am under friends. In fact I didnt know most of them but how I said.. I did feel like I know them already. So it was easy to come into communication with the friendly peoples. So first all was unashamedly and we started to talk about just what we wanted to. Those topics to get to know of each other. We didnt have a general topic, because we just talked about everything. It was very interesting to meet all the neighbors.

The friendly community meet-up did take place on a very beautiful cottage. Apart from the cottage we did see a lot of nature there. All the grass and nature was just like the rest of the friendly and good atmosphere.

The Howdy Neighbor Day was a resident-suggested community event that was proposed with socializing in mind.
It gave us Lionheart Residents an opportunity to step off our land in pursuit to greet and meet our fellow neighbors. After talking about this and that, we´ve got some introductions and we also did share answers and questions. We did share our landmarks too. Later then we started a round trivia.
The event organizer started to ask us some questions about differend topics. For example there was some questions about the Lionheart Estate itself but also about Second Life. We had to answer these questions so that they was able to determine the top three winners of this trivia game. Im that happy because I´ve claimed the first position and the first price. First of all I thought I wouldn´t have any chance because my native language is german. However I´ve won but not only me. We had three winners and this round of trivia was much fun. I could tell you the names of the event organizer and trivia winners but I didnt do now because I´m not sure if they would give me the permission to tell the names here. And I already write the article hereso it is anyway to late to ask them. However I just have to say again it was much fun with all the neighbors on the event. It was a pleasure to be there and for sure it is a pleasure to be a part of this community. This makes me happy!

At least after the trivia round some peoples went to bed but some wanted to stay. We still talked some minutes and then I also had to go because I was tired then. But this day was great and they already said we retry another event soon again.

What a successful day!

So if you want to know more about the Lionheart Estate and Community, just check that website out:



3 responses

  1. Aww Darcy! This post was only just now brought to my attention and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you and everyone else enjoyed themselves at this event.

    June 17, 2010 at 4:21 am

  2. Hey cool Sookie.. nice to see you here in my blog. 🙂

    Yes your event was pretty fun.

    I know there was already some other new events.. sadly I didnt have enough time last weeks to participate on the new neighboor days.

    But I will participate soon again. 🙂

    In summer im just pretty busy with reallife.

    June 17, 2010 at 5:06 am

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