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Directional Change

I thought I would make a little directional change with my blog here. I am still pretty much interested in Second Life but I noticed that I can´t be into this subject for twelve months a year, if you know what I mean. This means that the blog here is somewhat dead in case I am not active in Second Life for a while. But there are so many other subjects I would like to write about. Mostly technology subjects but also some other stories from life.

I am not sure if I will be a super active blogger or so but I mean just in case I would like to write down some things. It might happen that it is not only Second Life related. but if I am active in Second Life, then you might also find Second Life related stories here. I just wanted to say this.

Chateau de la Lutiniere

Killed Second Life Community

Mistletoe Ethaniel's Blog

  • Don’t listen to your residents. Shuffle their requests along through “normal channels” until they either just sigh and deal with it, or pack and move somewhere else leaving you wondering why.
  • Bait, and Switch. Sure, it was ocean-front when we showed it to you. But back then, you were a prospect. Now you’re a customer. And we’re filling in that ocean.
  • Show special preference to people for no apparent reason. That guy gets free tier? Why? Because SCREW YOU that’s why.
  • Don’t reward the enthusiastic and helpful. In fact, tell them off before they threaten your power structure. Or else just let them do all the work and take them for granted. A “thank you” is just so empty and meaningless and such a bother.
  • Just don’t do anything. Events, get-togethers… they’re just so costly and such a hassle. Surely someone else can plan them. And will. Eventually.
  • If you…

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I am still alive… :)

I did not login often to Second Life last months. It was a busy time in real life and I anyway didn´t feel much inspiration. I use Second Life most of the time to create things. But if there is no inspiration, then I see in fact no reason to login to Second Life. For me it is really just all about creating content. Only listening music in Second Life is still one of my interests apart from content creation. But music is not something which could make me login everyday or regularly.

But last days I logged in several times due to customer support. After the customer support I stayed logged in for some time and thought it is still fun. Well, who said anything else? Second Life is always fun if you find time in real life.

I think I could imagine to login more often again. I thought about renting land again. With land I always had ideas to create things,… it is already fun to create the own home, store or what ever. This would mean less boredom. So actually I am looking for land. I bet I will again rent on Lionheart SL since I get a lot of bonus there due to my long time membership. But if I get a better offer, then I will check it out.

I already plan to create some new cool things. Also I thought I should give an in world store a new try. But this is something I am not sure about yet. But if you ask me, I miss the time when I logged it most of the day to manage my stuff in Second Life. While it is more handy today to create and manage things in Second Life, I really miss the time when everything had to be managed in world.

But let´s see. It might be that you hear more of me again in the future if I find some tasks for me, to have a reason to login more often. I think I will start soon to find some land for me. Well, if real life gives me the time. But this week is already pretty stress-free.


Ok… So you are Second Life blogger? Then this might be interesting for you!

So if you are Second Life blogger with or without Business, I found a Blog which might be interesting for you. The Blog is called Blogging Second Life and it´s a Project of Cajsa Lilliehook, Evelyn Hartshon and a few other Volunteers. Basicly explained they build a comprehensive Directory for Second Life blogger and stores/creators. They wrote it consists of three sections.

1. Blogs – a directory of travel, commentary, magazine, fashion, roleplay and other blogs about Second Life.

2. The Stores and Creators Lists – a directory of SL businesses with links to creator profiles (for slurls), store blogs and marketplace storefronts

3. Connections Databases. Bloggers who accept review copies are encouraged to add their information to the searchable database for creators to use to find new bloggers for their items. Musicians and DJs are also encouraged to add their info to an Entertainment database for event planners and club owners to use when looking for new dj’s and musicians.

You can register your Second Life related Blog and Second Life related Business adresses like your Marketplace Link or SURL there. I found the idea of this kind of Directory pretty great and registered there too. You just need to fill out the form but it´s pretty great explained on their Directory Blog.

If you like the idea.. dont forget to inform your blogger friends.

220 different Marketplace Storefronts and over 500 different Second Life Blogs are already registered there. So hurry up and just register there. 🙂

Give me some Second Life Cheats! I wanna go shopping!

As I did mess around with a Keyword Research Tool called Market Samurai when I was bored, I had to laugh when I created a Second Life Keyword Analysis and found out that there are 145 daily Search Engine requests on the Keyword “second life cheats” in the Internet.

Lets assume 145 Second Life Users per Day want to cheat in Second Life. I mean this is funny. So funny that I though I now need to blog about the greatest Cheat you can get in Second Life.

I call this Cheat “The real money to Linden Dollar Exchange Cheat”. How does this Cheat work? Let me explain you…

1. Log in to Second Life.

2. Find the Text “Linden Exchange” in the Menu on the left Side of the Second Life Website.

3. Click “Buy L$”.

4. The next Side is self-explanatory. Just type in how much L$ you need and place your Order.

Attention: This Cheat will debit your real Wallet.. your real Bank or Paypal Account! So be sure if you really want to cheat! 🙂

Sorry I couldn´t refrain from laughing. I though the Fact, that there are 145 People a Day who ask Google for Second Life Cheats, is pretty much funny and a Blogpost with a little spoof worth.

In case you did search for Second Life Cheats and did land on my Blog.. I am really really sorry but anyway I hope my little Guide did help you to understand that no one needs any Second Life Cheats as it is pretty much simple to buy L$ and also that doesn´t cost to much! Hey,.. I mean you get already 1000 L$ for round about 4 US Dollars. Maybe a worth consideration. 🙂

Second Life Marketplace Direct Delivery and how it will possibly work…

I found a nice first Direct Delivery Impression Article from the Beta Grid. Second Life Resident “Couldbe Yue” wrote a two Parts Article Series about Direct Delivery Beta and you defenetly should check it out as it will concern us Merchants real soon now.

Part 1: Basic process of creating a new Direct Delivery only listing.

Part 2: Direct Delivery. How to migrate existing Magic Box Content.

Browsing WordPress for Second Life related Topics can be fun.

Sometimes if I am bored I just browse for Second Life Related Topics on WordPress and read interesting Storys of other User´s. Not that you only can read interesting Second Life Storys of differend People. Its rather so that it can also inspire you to find cool Topics you did not think about before. You know if you are interested in a Topic you could leave a comment there on the Blog. But why not answering on this Blogpost with your own Article and give them credits with a Backlink? In the past I found that method very interesting and I think you can make friends on this way as well. This is often a win win for both sided and exspecialy for both blogs. For sure this is working with other Blogproviders as well. Think about that 🙂

Found a Blogpost about Second Life which made me thinking.

I found the Blogpost A Variety of Reasons to Go Virtual… of RoseCityRemona. She wrote about some Reasons to go Virtual and also added an interesting Poll you should participate. The Blogpost made me thinking about which Reasons I had to go Virtual and which Reasons I see.

So let me write down why I use Second Life and what I do in Second Life

I use Second Life to discharge my ideas and my creativity and for a Virtual Business Adventure which is much simpler to achieve then in RealLife where you would need money, connections and know-how in bureaucracy. I am german and germany is a hardcore bureaucracy country where everything is written,composed and stamped for the purpose of just having it written down. There is no reason other then keep you busy and give you headache or keep you short and tax you.

So I never would start a Company in RealLife as I defenetly wont get a depression. In Second Life a Company is your own and fun and there is not much obligations other then those you give your self. Sure it is still work also in SL but its differend. You can see it as a Game if you like and I do so. And the main thing is I can do what I like to do. Creating 3d Content. This is for me not possible in germany unless you have doctor title or best diplom and again connections. As I said they keep you short. They dont care if you have already know-how in this area. They simply want it on paper before they hire  or teach you. And if you dont have a diplom they never believe you neither they would think about let you test-working for a week. They simply dont care about you and your life. I´ve seen some of my abilities and wanted to learn a job which fullfils me with passion. But I didn´t  success at this point because the yardstick is very high. Which means I had to learn another job which I hate. Yes you did listen right I hate the job I learned in RealLife. There are other tasks I would rather manage with passion. Not only creative areas.. there are simply many areas I would fit better in then what I learned and have to do today.

So using Second Life is my pissed answer about the freak show in RealLife. Sounds hard but I really find more recognition in SL then in RL which is an evidence of incapacity for the place where I live in RL.

So yea.. in short you could in my case also say I use Second Life as theraphy, lol. This virtual enviroment gives me self-determination even if I know its just virtual and even if I dont get rich in Second Life.. but it makes me free and strengthen me as well for RealLife. I learned about my abilities. I learned I can be creative, I learned I am good in managing things, I learned I have potential in marketing, I learned I am not that bad in writing english at least there is much potential while my english teacher in school said in those days “You´ll never learn any language”. I in fact learned that I have abilities and potential although some people in my RealLife didn´t recognize it. This is what Second Life gave and gives me.

I´ve learned in Second Life that I could learn and do things in RealLife if a company would let me but they didn´t. The requirements are today set high, so that finding a Company which teach you or hires you always were a hard mission. Sure you could say “Why didn´t you study instead of just going to high-school?”. My answer is: I always did believe that I need abilities, potential, passion and interests in Topic to find what I want. I had the feeling this is not the case in RealLife.. you rather dont need abilies, potential, passion and interests but instead it will help you if you have connections, the best diplom you can get (which is sometimes funny because they demand already highest degree for plainest tasks here in germany), hardness or a big trail of slaim behind you. The latter is something I can´t offer anyway. But I think here is enough rant now. 😛

So my Reason to go Virtual? I live my dream, I use my potential, I improve my potential and I discharge my creativity. I simply enjoy it sometimes to go Virtual. But there also many Reasons to leave Second Life sometimes. Sometimes there must be a brake too because other Activities need my time.

At least I must mention… Sorry for my hard words and the ranting. It just made me thinking. Usually I am kind 🙂 And no I am not unhappy with my RealLife. Maybe unhappy with my career. But overall I love Life. I love my Family, Friends, Pets and many other Activities. I enjoy my Life as there is much more apart from the career and money. And I am lucky that I found out what real luck and happyness is. 🙂

So what do you think? What are your Reasons to go Virtual?

So far,

Enjoy your first and second life 🙂


Who said Snowmen never dance? Guess who I met on a Party!


Met them at Beachwood Club in Second Life. The Place there is terrific designed, for that reason alone you should take a look… and there is great Music for those who like House Music.

Someone is using parts of my products and now I get customer support requests of third-party products

Today someone in SL wrote me that one of my products wouldn´t work and he asked friendly for help.

He talked about a Heart….

When someone asking me for help related to the Product with a Heart then I usualy think they mean my Heart Tipjar I made.

This is the only Product I sell and made with a Heart Sculpy. So yea I am creator of my Tipjar and each component, including the Heart.

But soon I noticed the guy who was asking for customer support didnt talk about a Tipjar but instead of that about a Xploder.

And I can tell you I never made an Xploder.

So what you see above is an Xploder I never made but I am the creator of the heart. Which means someone is unlinking my product probably out of the 0 L$ Tipjar Demo I have on the Marketplace.

But the biggest problem is someone who ripped this heart is linking it so that I am the creator of her new product the xploder.

So the person who was asking for customer support first didn´t believe me that I am not the creator of the xploder. But soon he did as I did show him my SL Marketplace Product List.

Then I searched for something I found in the permission window.. “”REMOVED DUE TO A FALSE SUSPICION… see comment section””. Google helped me and soon I found the marketplace Store of this person. This person has some product with my heart and “only transfer” on the Marketplace. The fun thing is I never made this heart “transfer permission”. Which looks like she is using permission exploits and copybot.

Not enough… As I now found her Marketplace Store I also found her blog but more importend her inworld store…

First I noticed she has not only some of my hearts on her Marketplace Store but she has also some of my hearts inworld with differend permission.

Above you can see a screenshot of my heart in her xploder product with just “copy” permission. Its funny.. I never made it copy.

The heart is in my product released as mod/copy. So she can defenetly change permissions of my objects which must be an exploit.

Looking around there I found more of my hearts also with transfer permission. So I dont know what she is doing there but she has objects of me as transfer only and copy only permission.

Again.. looks like she can change permissions on my objects and she can sell it. Otherwise there would come another person and asking for customer support for products I never made. I am the creator as she seems to be someone stupid and linking the objects so that my heart makes the whole object created by me.

Sure I am pissed and sure I did write a support ticket. But we all know what LL will do.. maybe nothing.

I also wrote the copybotter and asking some questions but I believe there will be no answers and guilt feelings. Therefor…

I dont give a shit about sharing names of silly and fraudulent avatars…

Here is the name of her and of her virtual company:

“REMOVED DUE TO A FALSE SUSPICION… see comment section”

You better google her and check out if she also used parts of your content. 😉

Finished the naming and shaming. Greetings

EDIT: The whole thing seems to be more complicated. Another person maybe copybotted my heart and sold it to differend creators which I suspected to be the griefers. Please read comment section to understand…

2ndhub becomes better known each day!

In a previous Blogpost, I told you already about 2ndhub. It is a Social Media Website related to Second Life and for Second Life Users. “Social Media” is probably not an unkown Concept for you. If not, then it is explained easy: Meet Peoples, Make Friends, Get known!

I think apart from making Friends inworld, lots of us use already Services like Twitter and Facebook to connect with Peoples who use Second Life. The basic problem is that Twitter and Facebook is not only used by Second Life Residents. So when we only want to meet and read Informations about Second Life, we need to filtering. But we do not have to do it on 2ndhub! And that is handy!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to connect because of Business-Reasons or because you just want to connect with Peoples from Second Life so that you can make new Friends. For each reason they have a Section and you wont be disturbed by one of them. The Layout is clean divided in Private Profiles and Business Profiles. That must be the reason why this Website becomes so interesting for differend Second Life Users.

Today I did read the Announcement that they reached 440 new Members in just 4 Days. I became nosy about the precise number of members and had to ask Mason Kingsford (Owner). He was very friendly to me and told me it is not a Secret! 2ndhub has today over 3100 Profiles which is in my Opinion very much. As we see.. it is doing well and I guess it will increase more. Many of us are already there and I just can suggest those who still dont have a Profile there, to hurry up! 😛

You can find a 2ndhub Tour here.

Thanks for reading.. oh and by the way.. You can find my Profile there as well. Just contact me if you like. 😉


Much grass has grown. Howdy Neighbor Day!

Yesterday I was invited to the “Howdy Neighbor Day” of the Lionheart Estates.

This is a meetings of Lionheart Residents and of course there friends! Some time ago I did write
already a blogpost about this Event which they hold often at the Lionheart Community.
You can find the Blogpost here: Lionheart´s Howdy Neighbor Day. And you can read about the Howdy Neighbor Day on lionheartsl.com.

Much grass has grown!

Yes! When you compare both pictures above (left: new auditorium Picture/ right: old auditorium Town Hall Meeting Picture).. you notice the difference. Much grass has grown! That was the first I noticed when I arrived yesterday. Well I gave up my old Parcel on Lionheart some time ago and took a Second Life brake for a while. But I am back since four days now and this is probably the reason why the first thing I noticed was the grown grass and probably also the reason why I gave this blogpost this headline. 😉 Excuse me.

Howdy Neighbor Day!

If you are Resident on the Lionheart Estates, I am pretty much sure you know about this meetings. If not, it is explained easy. The thing is that the Headline of this Event explaines it already good. Anyway it is something special I must mention again and again when I attend as it is not something usual on other Estates I´ve seen.

The Howdy Neighbor Day is an good opportunity to meet and greet your Neighbor´s. Yesterday for example we hold an Introduction of Participants. It took some time but it is still essential. Second Life can be pretty anonymous sometimes. But with these Neighbor Day´s you can become acquainted with peoples around your Parcel. So when the Neighbor´s introduced them self which was for sure optional, we got Topics to talk about. Introduction of Participants usualy starts shy but ends cheered up.
So apart from get to know each other better.. we had also differend Topics and good mood.

Thats why I think it is again a Blogpost worth.
I did enjoy this Event but one or two hours later I had to go. The Eurovision Song Contest awarding of score tooks my attention then 😛
But as the Howdy Neighbor Day´s usualy are hold as long as the last one goes.. I am pretty much sure the Neighbor´s who remained had fun beyond.

If you want to be part of this Community and find a good Home.. then check out the Website: Lionheart Virtual Estate

Great Second Life Review

Great Second Life related Tutorial Collection…

Today I found out that one of my Twitterfriends Indigo Mertel has a Blog called MetaLibrary, where she´s collecting differend Second Life related Tutorials. The Blog is nicely categorized, so that you can easily find Howto´s of your interest. She collected Building and Modelling Tutorials, Texturing Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, Video Tutorials, Mesh Tutorials, Avatar Topics and many more.

So.. why not check it out and read and learn some helpful stuff?

Here is her Blog:


You still dont know about the Redzone Issues? Get informed here..

If you still dont know much about the Redzone Case, I suggest to look at MickeyETC´s blog because she did collect a bunch of important reference links about that Redzone topic.

Jessica Lyon shows Firestorm Preview on YouTube

Today I found out that Jessica Lyon did upload a Firestorm Preview on YouTube. Take a look here:

I published the The SL Daily Ledger

Today I did publish The SL Daily Ledger .

So there you will find some top Storys about Second Life which are collected via my favorite Peoples on Twitter.

What kind of games can you play with Phoenix Viewer? :D

Sometimes it is just funny to see what peoples type into google. Today I checked out with what kind of search terms, peoples found my blog. One search term I had to think about..

Some one asked Google for “games that use phoenix viewer”.

Hmm. Let me think for a while. 😀

I mean I wouldn´t have any problem if I could use Phoenix Viewer with World of Warcraft. Really! Imagine I could build all those raid dungeons or buildings there. Imagine I could change that damn World of Warcraft World to my needs. Wouldn´t be that cool?

However.. I dont want to be unfair. For all peoples who came to my blog to find out what kind of games you can play with Phoenix Viewer.. The real answer is “Second Life” even if I am still not sure if  “Second Life” is a game. 🙂

I hope I could help out at this point. 😀

But if you are blogger.. I would be happy if you share you funniest search terms of peoples who found your blog. What kind of funny stuff do you find in your dashboard?

Find Male Fashion in Second Life

As a female I feel sympathy for all the males outthere who are searching for Male Fashion in Second Life. I can remember a chat with a friend how was swearing that he just cant find male fashion. I told him there is much male fashion but peoples most likeley blog , collect and share infos about female fashion. However I did understand his problem. I think male fashion is really more rare and there are not much websites which share the latest male fashion news.

As I said I feel sympathy for you males out there but today I found a new blog which could help you. Its a male fashion blog and maybe you should take a look there. 😉

Here it is:

Guys Stuff SL

Torley Linden struggles with Viewer 2.x as well?

Found a Comment of Torley Linden on the Second Life Blogs:

Torley Linden said:…

Oh geez, you should’ve seen the internal email I just sent about how difficult it has been for me to search for stuff in Viewer 2.x.
Every time I’ve wrestled repeatedly with something in V2 — wondering if intuition from experience was right — I’ve reached out to Residents, and found I was far from alone. While I don’t directly work on product design, I continually advocate for Resi voices who feel they’re being ignored, and while it’s been a long road making V2 reach “feature parity”, as you allude to, it’s healthy to have the choice of using 1.23.
I like Viewer 2.4 a lot better than 2.0, that’s for sure, but there are numerous things I struggle with daily, and I always channel what Residents feel to other Lindens. (Discussions on such topics are best done with specific details, but that’s beyond the scope of this quicktip.)

Source: Second Life Blog

So its great to see that we Users are not the only ones who wish improvements! 😀

What kind of Groups did you join in Second Life and why?

Today I cleaned the List of Second Life Groups I am in. So I had to ask my self for each Group why this Group could still be useful for me in the Future.

Then I came to the idea to write a little Blogpost about that Topic. So here comes a List of Groups I´m in and I would like to suggest. I would be happy if you leave a comment here as well. Maybe you have some Groups you want to suggest too and maybe you think that you are in some Groups which are defenetly worth to join.

So here comes my List….

“College of Scripting Music Science” That Group helped me out several times when I had Questions about Second Life scripting. If you are scripter in SL or somone who want to learn scritping, you should join. This Community is very friendly and there is open Groupchat where you can ask your LSL related Questions. A very cooperatively Group of Peoples.

“Builder’s Brewery” This Group is for Builder. You can share Informations or ask for help. Its for beginner but also for experienced Builders. You also will be informed there about Lessons and Classes and other helpful Meet-Ups.

“Builders Exchange” Same like above. A Group for Builders to share Informations or ask for help.

“Phoenix Viewer Support” I think I dont need descripe because the name says already everything. So join if you use the Phoenix Viewer.

“Housemusic All Night Long” A Group for those who want to find best House-, Electronic- and Minimal Partys. They inform you time by time via Groupchat or Notecard.

“SoNiC DoPeHeAdZ” Here again a Group for those who like to find Partys and Events with Electronical Music. Mostly Underground stuff as well.

“Club On Call” Thats a Group for Clubowner, Clubmanager and so to find peoples who need Job. You can place an offer in the Groupchat but you shouldn´t spam or advertise.. thats clear. Indeed this Group is also for Peoples who would like to find a Job. So they could ask in the Chat as well.

I am in some more Groups which are more privat or not worth to mention because they are my own 😛  So above.. that was my List which I would defenetly suggest.

What kind of Groups are your favorites? Any cool suggestions? Just write a comment here as it maybe could be helpful for other readers as well. Maybe for me too 🙂

Holy Cow… How stupid can a human be? Drama!

I offer a Tipjar in two Versions… DEMO VERSION and FULLVERSION.

The Demo Tipjar will pay me 10% each tip. The fullversion not. Sounds simple? It is.. In fact it is so simple like my Product Details as I wrote about that there.

Then I get inworld instant message from an angry boy… Something like “blablabla there was nowhere anything about 10% in the Product Details…”

I told him that he is not right. In fact I wrote it two times in the demo product details that it will pay me 10% each tip and if you dont like it, you need to buy the fullversion which wont pay me 10% each tip.

After that he said I changed that after he purchased.. lol? WTF? In 3 minutes? I did paste copy product details not more then 2 minutes after he told me about his problem!

Bonehead? Or just a drama kid? Oh maybe a griefer? I dont know.. he must be something like that.

For sure he did thread me that he will open a ticket.. but I guess I was faster with my conter ticket..

However if you like to read some drama.. here go on and enjoy the chat log…….. 😀

— Instant-Message-Protokoll aktiviert —
[14:52]  ViciousCustomer: just to let you know i rencently purchased the  heart and love tip jar when i put it in use i  found that it pays you   and NO WHERE  in the info  viewable at purchase does it say ANYTHING about you getting any of my money  PLEASE fix this or i will be forced to report you to linden labs  thank you  and looking forward to hearing from  today
[14:53]  Miyo Darcy: you are wrong…
[14:53]  Miyo Darcy: have you read the product description?.-…
[14:54]  ViciousCustomer: yes i di and as i said it does not say
[14:54]  Miyo Darcy: Attention! This is the DEMO Version! You can get a FullVersion as well if you browse my other Items on the bottom.
[14:54]  Miyo Darcy: This tipjar is a demo and it will take 10% of each tip as commission for the money bowl designer..
[14:54]  Miyo Darcy: If you want the full version without give me some commission you can buy the fullversion! You will find the fullversion on the bottom at “related products”.
[14:54]  Miyo Darcy: you really didnt read that?
[14:55]  Miyo Darcy: here is the full product text for you:
[14:55]  Miyo Darcy: Attention! This is the DEMO Version! You can get a FullVersion as well if you browse my other Items on the bottom.

This is the demo edition of the cute Heart and Love Tipjar for you and your Team!

Please read the full article description to get all answers!

Click here and purchase the fullversion of this tipjar.

This is a tipjar (Donation Heart)for you and your team with a easy configuration notecard. Let peoples donate you and your team!

This is the perfect tip jar for your location and your business. Really easy to use…

Here is what you can change in the config notecard:

– ownerpercentage

– maxrangesensor

– Text of the Tipjar

– Text for the messages

– Textcolor

You can change many settings on the notecard. Its easy

Buy this one and let you or your team collect donations and tips!!

More Details:

Prims = 3
Permissions = Copy, Modify, Transfer

Greetings… Darcy Designs

This tipjar is a demo and it will take 10% of each tip as commission for the money bowl designer..

If you want the full version without give me some commission you can buy the fullversion! You will find the fullversion on the bottom at “related products”.

[14:55]  Miyo Darcy: it is a demo… and i have the same product as full version
[14:56]  Miyo Darcy: THIS DEMO: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Heart-and-Love-Tipjar-with-Config-Notecard-for-Clubs-Boxed/1009689
[14:56]  Miyo Darcy: THIS FULLVERSION: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HeartLove-Tipjar-with-Config-Notecard-for-Clubs-BoxedFull/1009688
[14:56]  Miyo Darcy: the full version is linked to the demo
[14:57]  Miyo Darcy: you bought the 5L$ version with 10% commision to me…
[14:57]  Miyo Darcy: full version without commision to me cost L$350
[14:58]  Miyo Darcy: understand? 🙂
[14:58]  ViciousCustomer: Attention! This is the DEMO Version! You can get a FullVersion as well if you browse my other Items on the bottom.

This is the demo edition of the cute Heart and Love Tipjar for you and your Team!

Please read the full article description to get all answers!

Click here and purchase the fullversion of this tipjar.

This is a tipjar (Donation Heart)for you and your team with a easy configuration notecard. Let peoples donate you and your team!

This is the perfect tip jar for your location and your business. Really easy to use…

Here is what you can change in the config notecard:

this was not on the page and you changed after i bought
[14:59]  Miyo Darcy: no
[14:59]  Miyo Darcy: this is the original:
[14:59]  Miyo Darcy: Attention! This is the DEMO Version! You can get a FullVersion as well if you browse my other Items on the bottom.

This is the demo edition of the cute Heart and Love Tipjar for you and your Team!

Please read the full article description to get all answers!

Click here and purchase the fullversion of this tipjar.

This is a tipjar (Donation Heart)for you and your team with a easy configuration notecard. Let peoples donate you and your team!

This is the perfect tip jar for your location and your business. Really easy to use…

Here is what you can change in the config notecard:

– ownerpercentage

– maxrangesensor

– Text of the Tipjar

– Text for the messages

– Textcolor

You can change many settings on the notecard. Its easy

Buy this one and let you or your team collect donations and tips!!

More Details:

Prims = 3
Permissions = Copy, Modify, Transfer

Greetings… Darcy Designs

This tipjar is a demo and it will take 10% of each tip as commission for the money bowl designer..

If you want the full version without give me some commission you can buy the fullversion! You will find the fullversion on the bottom at “related products”.

[14:59]  ViciousCustomer: and i will make sure linden labs  is  informed of your change that is NOT the way to do buisness so in CLOSING you have caused me to  inform everyone about your bad buisness
[15:00]  Miyo Darcy: you can read there “THIS TIPJAR IS A DEMO AND IT WILL TAKE 10%
[15:00]  Miyo Darcy: lol
[15:00]  Miyo Darcy: I fill fill out a ticket now too
[15:00]  ViciousCustomer: but you  did not have that on the page till after i purchased
[15:00]  Miyo Darcy: how coudl I change so fast?
[15:00]  Miyo Darcy: i guess you are a griefer and I will tell linden labs now
[15:00]  Miyo Darcy: im sorry
[15:01]  Miyo Darcy: i dont like that drama
[15:01]  ViciousCustomer: i  hate the fact you must cheet people
[15:01]  Miyo Darcy: I DO NOT CHEAT
[15:02]  Miyo Darcy: you didnt read the product details carefuly
[15:02]  Miyo Darcy: why such a drama?
[15:02]  Miyo Darcy: I am designer and over a version wich do not pays me
[15:02]  Miyo Darcy: for 350 L$
[15:02]  Miyo Darcy: demo version with commision is standard in the tipjar business
[15:03]  Miyo Darcy: so everything ok now?
[15:04]  Miyo Darcy: if you fill a ticket you will get a conter ticket.. believe me. They can proof the logs and that I didnt lie
[15:04]  Miyo Darcy: the chatlog….
[15:04]  Miyo Darcy: they can proof that too…
[15:04]  Miyo Darcy: I didnt had the time to change that
[15:04]  Miyo Darcy: so it isnt a lie
[15:05]  Miyo Darcy: I did post the full product detail 1 minute after you told me your problem
[15:16]  Miyo Darcy: Just to let you know: I filled a ticket now. Greetings
[15:16]  Miyo Darcy: /ignore

I guess he thought I am stupid.. but I am not. Hope he wont find peoples who are afraid of his griefer tacticts. However.. I wrote a ticket because of defamation. I hope LL will proof that. They could read the chatlogs or maybe my product logs.. They can see Ididnt change this product last few weeks. And that mean he is the liar. I often wonder how stupid peoples can be?

Ok I am back inworld now.. 🙂

Why Warhammer failed and why SWTOR will fail too…

Found a Blogpost of a EA employee who will be dismissed from Bioware Mythic during the next round of layoffs EA coming this November. Im not sure if it is true what this person is writing but at least lots of his words sounds true in my opinion.

Here you can read on: Why Warhammer failed